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Updating the Program
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Live Home 3D Workspace
The Main Window
The Project Gallery
The 2D Plan View
The 3D View
The 2D Elevation View
The Inspector
The Program Preferences
Live Home 3D Menus
Live Home 3D Keyboard Shortcuts

Getting Started
Project Design Workflow
Video Tutorials

Working with Projects
Creating and Opening Projects
Project Settings
Saving Projects
The Project Tree
The Daylight Settings
Exporting the Floor Plan
Exporting Elevations
Exporting the 3D View
Exporting a 3D Model
Creating Videos
Backing up the Object and Material Libraries

Working with Stories
Introduction to Stories
Managing Stories in the Inspector
Stories and the 2D Plan View

Working with Roofs
Introduction to Roofs
Adding and Deleting Roofs
Roof Properties
Modifying the Style of a Roof
Adding a Skylight to the Roof
Adding a Dormer Window
Interior Walls in the Loft

Working with Objects
Ceilings and Floors
Windows, Doors and Openings
Niches and Wall Panels
3D Images
Building Blocks
Properties of Objects in 2D
Type and Representation
Importing Objects
Importing Objects from Trimble 3D Warehouse™
Editing Objects in Trimble SketchUp™
Aligning and Distributing Objects
Grouping and Ungrouping Objects

The Library of Objects
The Object Library Panel
Object Information in the Library

Working with Materials
The Material Library Panel
Applying Materials
List of Object's Materials in the Inspector
Material Picker
Adding Materials to the Library
Editing Materials

Light Sources
Managing Light Sources in the Inspector
The Light Source Editor

Creating Screenshots and Videos
Camera Properties in the Inspector
Adding and Adjusting Cameras
Creating and Modifying Movie Tracks in the 2D Plan View
Creating and Modifying Movie Tracks in 3D

Auxiliary Objects
Introduction to Auxiliary Objects
Text Annotation
Dimension Tool

Guidelines and the Layout Grid
Layout Grid

Solving Problems
Technical Support