Live Home 3D

What’s New in v.3.0

Wall drawing tool for complicated projects with round walls.
Polygonal-based Block tool for drawing balconies, porches, and other design elements.
Smart Dimension tool helps to set the distance between underlying objects or walls.
Roof tool that allows the user to add custom shaped roofs to a project.
A new “Auto outline” vector based 2D representation for furniture.
Materials can be applied to objects or surfaces right on a floor plan.
Export to 360° Panorama JPEG images and videos (up to UHD quality in Pro Edition).
Elevation View mode presents the project in 2D side view.
New advanced technique for non-destructive union and subtraction of intersecting building elements (openings, wall panels, floors, etc.).
Level of details slider in Type & Representation dialog that allows to reduce the amount of vertices and triangles of any object.
Improved Object and Material libraries.
Native support for Live Interior 3D projects.