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Live Home 3D is an ideal solution for your educational project connected with the world of 3D design and Augmented Reality. The app features both the lightness of a game and the powerful unique functionality for building houses and apartments required by professional architects.

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What You Get

  • Creation of projects of any complexity
  • Advanced functionality (2D, 3D and Elevation View tools)
  • Powerful import and export capabilities
  • An assortment of house and room templates
  • Easy learning curve with a vast collection of video tutorials
  • Flexible volume discounts

What Is Live Home 3D Good For?

Interior and Exterior Design Classes

Learn the basics of good room or exterior design composition. Set the lighting for the scene and apply different materials.

STEM Classes

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math classes often require some visuals, which is where a virtual 3D project can help.

AR Learning

Apply the newest technologies in the learning process. Create designs and see them in the Augmented Reality ambience. Add any 3D object into your real interior design to see if it fits in the room.

VR and Panoramas 360°

Learn the basics of virtual model making. Upload the created models to special services and view them with the help of VR devices.

Architecture Basics

The art and science of designing buildings and various structures will no longer be a mystery to you with the advanced app tools.

Multiple Platforms

Share your work between different devices (Windows, Mac, iOS and iPad devices supported) and enjoy flawless collaboration experience.

How to Purchase

There are several ways to buy Live Home 3D with an academic discount:

Get a free version. No academic discounts are available in the Microsoft Store.
Bulk licenses for Mac, iOS and iPadOS via Apple School Manager.
Single or bulk licenses for macOS on our website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.