Fields of Use

Modern living room with gray furniture and a panoramic view designed and rendered in Live Home 3D for Mac.

Room Planner

Plan rooms of any form, size or style and choose the best furniture and lighting variations with ease.

Screenshot of a floorplan created in Live Home 3D app

Intuitive Floorplanner App

A perfect solution for making professional-looking floor plans.

iPad with a house displayed with the help of AR (Augmented Reality) technology

Augmented Reality App for iOS

View your home design projects in Augmented Reality (AR) on your iPhone or iPad.

Top view of a room made in Live Home 3D

Landscape Design Software

Shape the realistic landscape with true-to-life elevations in Live Home 3D.

Live Home 3D garden design app opened on Mac and iPhone devices

Garden Design App

Easily create a true-to-life garden in Live Home 3D.

A house with a backyard designed in Live Home 3D

Backyard Design App

Achieve a stunningly realistic backyard design with Live Home 3D.

Scan a room using the Room Scanner feature of Live Home 3D on an iPhone.

LiDAR Room Scanner App

Scan your rooms with your iPhone or iPad and get a 3D model immediately.

A young woman with a VR headset

VR Interior Design App

How to create a VR model of your design project and view it on a VR headset.

A kitchen in gray and white colorsm

Kitchen Planner

Design and visualize your kitchen on your favorite devices.

Live Home 3D home design app opened on iPad with Bosch laser measure laying beside it.

Bosch Laser Measure Integration With Live Home 3D

Take accurate measurements with a Bosch laser measure and easily transfer them to Live Home 3D.

A room for renovation in real life and a renovated, fully furnished room designed and opened in Live Home 3D.

Renovation Planner

Plan a renovation project yourself with Live Home 3D for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Windows.

Gray bedroom designed and rendered in Live Home 3D.

Bedroom Planner

Quickly lay out, design and furnish a perfect bedroom with Live Home 3D.

An interior design sketch made with the Live Home 3D and Procreate apps.

App for Interior Design Sketches

Create stunning interior design sketches with Live Home 3D and Procreate.

A kitchen in gray and white colorsm

Bathroom Planner for iPad and iPhone

Create and visualize your ideal bathroom design with Live Home 3D for iPad and iPhone.

A stylish living room designed by Live Home 3D team

Room Design App

Easily create room designs and visualise them in Live Home 3D.

A MacBook Pro and an iPad with Live Home 3D interior design app

Live Home 3D for Business

Showcase your models of furniture items, apartments and houses in a 3D environment.

Girls wearing VR headsets

Live Home 3D for Education

An excellent solution for educational projects connected with 3D design and Augmented Reality.

A loft office designed in Live Home 3D

Office Design Software

Essential office design software for creating precise 2D floor plans and realistic 3D interior design projects.

A Brooklyn style house made in Live Home 3D

Interior Design Software for Real Estate

A perfect assistant for showcasing apartments and houses that you rent or sell.