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A Perfect App for Interior and Exterior Design

Live Home 3D is the powerful yet intuitive home design software that lets you create your dream home right on your Mac. It doesn't matter whether you're a homeowner who is planning some upcoming home improvements or a professional interior designer trying to bridge the gap between ideas and visualization.

Work in 2D and 3D Environment

Live Home 3D helps you draft detailed 2D floor plans and automatically build the structure in 3D. You can trace the imported floor plan or start from scratch using the program smart tools.

Professional home design software

Apply Materials and Add Furniture

You can design and decorate the interior by optimizing the furniture arrangement and making smart color decisions. Live Home 3D turns the process of room decoration into fun.

A collection of 3d objects

Rich Object Collections

You can choose from a built-in library of couches, chairs, kitchen sets, appliances, doors and other items. What’s more, integration with Trimble 3D Warehouse™ allows you to download thousands of free 3D models from the online storage.

Results You Can Use

Make changes to your home design project and share the results with clients, colleagues, friends and family. Set up a custom camera angle and export the view to JPEG, TIFF, PNG or BMP. Render a 3D video walkthrough and share on YouTube or Vimeo. Create 360° Panorama JPEG images or 360° videos.

Live Home 3D launched on the MacBook Pro showcasing the living room design

Design Advanced 2D Floor Plans

Start your interior design project by drawing a 2D floor plan with intuitive, point-and-click drafting tools. Measure rooms and walls in just a couple of clicks. Add furniture, doors and windows. Set cameras and movie tracks to shoot the interior design views. Additional tools for creating custom roofs and building blocks are available with the Pro Features in-app purchase.

Live Home 3D interior design app on a Mac computer showcasing a floor plan

Real-Time 3D Rendering

Switch views to see and walk around the structure in 3D. Make changes to your home design project in the easy drag-and-drop workflow. Arrange furniture, paint walls, adjust the lighting and build in a realistic, beautiful, real-time 3D environment.

Exterior of a modern house made in home design software Live Home 3D opened on a MacBook Pro

Furniture and Material Collections

Figure out the furniture arrangement and color scheme of any room right on your Mac before lifting a single finger or ordering paint. Drag and drop furniture, decorations, doors and more from our library of over 2,000 objects and easily change the fabrics, colors and finishes using over 2,100 included materials.

Material and object collections in the Live Home 3D object library

Get More With Pro Features

Terrain Editing

Create an identical copy of the landscape around your house. Draw the terrain using the Elevation Point, Elevation Line and Elevation Spline tools. Add cutouts, various pathways or dig pits in the ground for swimming pools.

House on a hill demonstrating terrain editor available in a home design app

Elevation View

Explore the 2D side view of your house design. Insert panels, niches or openings into a wall or a roof side. Adjust doors and windows or arrange furniture inside the house.

Elevation view and 3D view of a house in Live Home 3D Pro for Mac

Material Editor

Create more complex custom materials with reflective, glossy and rough surfaces for your interior and exterior design projects. New physically based materials make your 3D models look more real than ever before.

Material editor and the house exterior view in Live Home 3D for macOS

Export Options

Your work lives both inside and outside of Live Home 3D. You can make changes in the app and share the results with clients, colleagues, friends and family. Projects can be exported as floor plans, screenshots, 3D models and video.

You will be able to export a floor plan in PDF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF or PNG format. The snapshot of the 3D view can be exported to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and 360° Panorama JPEG. You may also set a camera path and record a 3D video walkthrough of the project, including 360° videos. 3D models can be exported to Collada, 3DS, VRML, X3D, RenderMan, OBJ, FBX, SCN, SCNZ or USDZ format.

PDF Export JPEG Export TIFF Export PNG Export 360° Videos Export Video Export

Put Your Mac to Full Use

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Retina Ready
iCloud Drive
Intel / Apple Silicon
Intel / Apple Silicon
Core Graphics
Core Graphics
Monterey Ready
macOS Monterey Ready

System Requirements:

macOS 10.14.6 or higher, Monterey compatible, Apple silicon or Intel processor.

Return Policy:

30 day money back guarantee. Learn more ›

Available in:

English, German, French, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) and Spanish languages.

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Latest News:

June 14, 2022 Live Home 3D v.4.4.1 contains bug fixes and performance improvements. Read more ›

June 9, 2022 Live Home 3D v.4.4 adds terrain grouping, rendering of 360º panoramas, optimized memory usage.

February 23, 2022 Live Home 3D v4.3.1 contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

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