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Capabilities Never Seen Before on iPads or iPhones

We built a unique feature-rich home and interior design app for iOS and iPadOS based on the Live Home 3D engine that has been extensively developed for 15+ years. Every tool and feature is adapted for touchscreen devices, takes full advantage of the AR technologies and makes the workflow intuitive and natural for everyone.

iPad with 3D house project.
Room Scanner icon.

Room Scanner

The scanner, based on LiDAR technology, allows you to import a copy of your apartment into a project.

AR Support icon.

AR Export

Create and share house models as Augmented Reality content using export to USDZ file format.

Multi-touch icon.


Speed up your workflow and enhance productivity with the whole array of Multi-Touch gestures.

Apple Pencil Support icon.

Apple Pencil Support

Draw floor plans and edit projects with high precision using Apple Pencil.

Continuity icon.


Move seamlessly between your Mac, iPhone or iPad when working on a home design project.

64-bit architecture icon.

64-bit Architecture

Take full advantage of your processor when rendering complicated scenes.

iOS 17 support icon.

iOS / iPadOS 17 Support

Take advantage of the features and technologies of the latest operating systems.

Metal-powered rendering icon.


Metal-powered graphics offer a truly stunning experience.

Floor Plan Creation

Create 2D plans with the intuitive building tools. Easily measure out walls and rooms, place doors and windows and add furniture and appliances. Create custom roofs and building blocks with the set of additional tools available with the Pro Features in-app purchase.

Home design software for floor plans on an iPad.

Automatic 3D Visualization

A 3D model of your home design project is automatically built once you switch from 2D to 3D view. Make further furniture arrangements or experiment with colors and textures in the easy drag-and-drop workflow.

3D rendering of an interior design project on an iPad.

Adjustable Lighting

Easily adjust the brightness and color of any light fixture to achieve a realistic lighting scene. Change the time of day and the date, and set the precise house geographic location to achieve natural lighting.

3D view of an interior.

A Large Material Collection

Apply materials in 2D or 3D view mode by simply dragging and dropping from the library. Use one of 2,100 included materials, or create your own by importing an image or a photo.

Materials drag & drop.

A Wide Choice of Furniture Models

Add furniture, doors, windows and other objects from the rich library and purchase additional themed packages.

3D objects from SketchUp 3D Warehouse™.

Import Objects

If you can’t find the particular object you want, import your own 3D models in COLLADA, FBX, OBJ, SH3D or 3DS formats. You can also download models from a huge online collection—Trimble 3D Warehouse™.

A white sunbed.
A brown wicker chair, a red portable grill, a gray armchair and a white vanity table.
A red chair.

Export Capabilities

You can export floor plans and 3D views of your interior design projects to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP or 360° Panorama JPEG file formats. Moreover, export a single object, a room or the entire house as a 3D model to use in other apps. To demo your home design project, you can easily record a 3D video walkthrough by simply setting up a camera path.

BMP Export. JPEG Export. TIFF Export. PNG Export. AR Export. 360° Videos Export/ Video Export.

Immersive AR Experience

Project your 3D house into a real-world surrounding, and even walk around inside or outside.

AR view of a wooden house on a green field in Live Home 3D on an iPad.

Create Stunning Panoramas and 360° Video

Export your home design project as 360° Panorama JPEG image or set a camera path and record 360° video or even stereo 3D 360° video.

360-degrees panoramas on iPhone.

Get More With Pro Features

Terrain Editing

You can create an identical copy of the landscape around your house with the help of advanced tools, such as Elevation Point, Elevation Line and Elevation Spline. Easily add pathways, cutouts and pools in just a few taps.

Elevation View

You can explore and edit your project from the 2D side view. This feature lets you adjust doors and windows, insert niches, openings and panels, precisely arrange furniture and more.

The first iOS software with Elevation View.

Material Editor

The Material Editor available in the Pro version helps create highly realistic, physically based materials with adjustable roughness and metalness.

Material Editor of Live Home 3D interior design app for iPad.

Light Editor

Add a custom light source to any object and take full control of light attenuation, glow and direction.

Interior design software for iOS with Light editor.

Professional Construction Tools

The Pro functionality brings you unlimited stories, so you can build anything─from a single level home to a skyscraper. Thanks to the custom roof functionality, the most complex roof structures become a reality.

Building blocks are your magic wand for making various constructions, for example stairs, beams and furniture items.

Use advanced camera settings for smooth video creation.

A house on a lake created in Live Home 3D Pro for iPad and iPhone.

High-Resolution Export

High-resolution project snapshots, panoramas and videos guarantee professional results that are perfect for commercial purposes. Create snapshots up to 16384 × 16384 px, Ultra HD video walkthroughs and 360 degree panoramas with a resolution of up to 8192 × 4096 px.

A house made in Live Home 3D for iOS.

Key Features

Create Detailed 2D Floor Plans.

Create Detailed 2D Floor Plans

Quickly draft a floor plan with easy-to-use wall drawing, dimension and annotation tools.

Beautiful Real-Time 3D Rendering.

Beautiful Real-Time 3D Rendering

View your interior and exterior in a 3D environment with realistic real-time light and shadow rendering.

Adjust Natural Lighting and Geolocation.

Adjust Natural Lighting and Geolocation

Light up your interior by changing the time of day and house geo position.

View Projects in AR.

View Projects in AR

Create a 3D model of your house and observe how it comes to life in Augmented Reality.

AR Based Room Scanner.

AR-Based Room Scanner

Create a copy of your apartment or house and add it to a project.

Elevation 2D View.

Elevation 2D View

Create elevation plans for kitchens and other rooms.

Terrain Editing.

Terrain Editing

Create an identical copy of the landscape around your house.

2,100 Materials and Finishes.

2,100 Materials and Finishes

Paint walls and upholster furniture by simply dragging and dropping a material to an object.

Over 2,400 High-Quality 3D Objects.

Over 2,400 High-Quality 3D Objects

Choose from a rich library of couches, chairs, kitchen sets, appliances, doors and more.

Import from SketchUp 3D Warehouse™.

Import from SketchUp 3D Warehouse™

Seamlessly import thousands of models to your project directly from SketchUp 3D Warehouse™.

Add Light Sources to Objects.

Add Light Sources to Objects

Add a custom light source and take full control of light attenuation, glow and direction.

Make All Changes in 3D.

Make All Changes in 3D

Apply materials, move objects, adjust lights, walk around and much more right in 3D.

Import 3DS, COLLADA, FBX and OBJ Files.

Import 3DS, COLLADA, FBX and OBJ Files

Add 3D objects in OBJ, COLLADA, 3DS and other file formats to your design.

Design and Customize Roofs.

Design and Customize Roofs

Put a roof over your head with one of the roof templates, or create a custom roof with tools available in Pro.

Use Photos as Textures.

Use Photos as Textures

Take photos of any materials and create custom textures of them.

Fine Tune Lighting in Real Time.

Fine-Tune Lighting in Real Time

Easily change the brightness and color of any light fixture to achieve the perfect scene.

Advanced 3D Model Export Options.

Advanced 3D Model Export Options

Export the model of your house to FBX, USDZ, SCN, SCNZ, or OBJ format for use in other apps.

Create 360º Panorama Images and Videos.

Create 360º Panorama Images and Videos

Export to 360° Panorama images and videos, including stereo 3D and stereo 3D 360° videos.

Wall Panel, Opening and Niche Tools.

Wall Panel, Opening and Niche Tools

Draw custom panels, niches or openings in walls or roof sides to add structural diversity to your house.

Render a 3D Walkthrough Video.

Render a 3D Walkthrough Video

Map out a camera path on your floor plan to render a video walkthrough.

Polygonal-Based Block Tool.

Polygonal-Based Block Tool

Create balconies, porches and other building elements.

Create Custom Camera Angles.

Create Custom Camera Angles

Found an angle you like? Save that as a custom camera to return to it any time.

Custom Scales.

Custom Scales

Create and send out plans to your architect on any scale or even create a custom scale.

Export Images and Videos in Higher Resolutions.

Export Images and Videos in Higher Resolutions

Create stunning interior renderings and walkthrough videos of your house up to UHD quality.

System Requirements:

Requires iPadOS or iOS 13 and higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro.

Return Policy:

Returns are processed by Apple according to App Store Policy.

Available in:

English, German, French, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish and Portuguese languages.

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Latest News:

September 19, 2023 Live Home 3D v4.8 improves saving in the Free version; adds Boolean operations for 3D objects, improved materials. Read more ›

July 18, 2023 Live Home 3D v4.7.3 offers Lamps and Lights in-app and improved materials.

May 31, 2023 Live Home 3D v4.7.2 contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

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