Live Home 3D
Live Home 3D Mac
System Requirements:
OS X 10.9 or later, macOS Sierra compatible.
Download Previous Versions:
Live Interior 3D v.2.9.8
Live Interior 3D Pro v.2.9.8
System Requirements:
OS X 10.6.8 — 10.11 El Capitan. QuickTime 7 required for QTVR export.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Live Home 3D?

You can buy Live Home 3D on the developer's web site, Mac App Store or through the In-App Store which can be accessed in the trial version of the program.

How can I crossgrade from Live Interior 3D to Live Home 3D?

The users of Live Interior 3D and Live Interior 3D Pro can crossgrade to Live Home 3D and Live Home 3D Pro at the discounted price. To find out the pricing and crossgrade options, please fill in the form here.

How can I upgrade my Live Home 3D Standard to Pro?

Upgrade to Pro is available as in-app purchase inside Standard edition. You may also purchase upgrade on our website. For this, you should fill in the form here.

Are there any versions of the software I can choose from?

The program is available in the standard and Pro editions. Check out the comparison table for details.

Can Live Home 3D edit projects created in other software?

Live Home 3D can natively open projects created in Live Interior 3D for Mac and Windows.

How can I get more 3D models and materials?

You can purchase additional object and material library from the developer. This content will be automatically integrated into the program library. Thanks to the integration with Trimble Warehouse, it is possible to download objects from Warehouse directly into your project.

You can also download models from the Internet or any other sources available, and add them to your project. Live Home 3D can import 3D objects in these formats:

  • Trimble SketchUP (.skp)
  • 3D Studio (.3ds)
  • Collada (.dae)
  • Google Earth KMZ
  • Ogre XML

Can I transfer my customized libraries and templates from Live Interior 3D to Live Home 3D?

Yes, this is possible in Live Interior 3D for Mac. Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have updated Live Interior 3D to version 2.9.8. If not, select Live Interior 3D > Check for Updates.
  2. In Live Interior 3D, choose File > Back up Library from the menu in order to create a backup.
  3. In Live Home 3D, choose File > Restore Library from the menu and select the backup created earlier. The templates, 3D objects and materials will be added from the backup to the library.

How can I uninstall the program?

To uninstall the program downloaded form the developer's site, select Live Home 3D > Uninstall… in the menu. You should then select items that you want to delete and click the Uninstall button. This command is not available in the Mac App Store edition.

To delete the program files and folders, select:

  • Remove Live Home 3D Application
  • Remove Live Home 3D Preferences

These items can be restored by re-installing the application.

To delete objects and materials that you have added to the library, select the Remove User Content check box. Be careful! You will not be able to restore the user’s libraries by re-installing Live Home 3D.

How to unlock the trial version of Live Home 3D?

To start using the program downloaded from the developer's site, you should buy a license code and enter it in the Live Home 3D > Licenses… dialog.

If you purchased the license through the In-App Store, the program is registered automatically. A copy of the license is sent to your email address. Software downloaded from the Mac App Store requires no license codes.