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Free Home and Interior Design App for Windows

Live Home 3D is an advanced home design app. Ever wished to design the house of your dreams on your Windows 10 device? Live Home 3D app can deliver! This app can assist both homeowners planning some home renovations and interior design professionals visualizing their projects. This free home design app comes with in-app purchases.

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Easy Floor Plan Designer

Create 2D plans with intuitive, point-and-click building tools. Easily measure out walls and rooms. Draw floor plans of your house from scratch or trace an imported image using Straight Wall, Arc Wall or Room drawing tools. Add furniture and building elements.

Floor plan in Live Home 3d

3D Home Design Visualization

House design visualization is automatically built once you switch from 2D to 3D view. Add and arrange furniture, paint walls and apply the materials, adjust the lighting, and walk the interior in a realistic, beautiful, real-time 3D environment. Changes can be applied in easy drag-and-drop workflow. Complete your house design using one of 12 customizable roof templates and 16 dormers.


Adjustable Lighting

Easily change the brightness and color of any light fixture to achieve the desired scene. Light up your day by changing the time of day and house geolocation.

Modern living room interior design
A collection of 3d objects

Variety of Furniture and Materials

The built-in library contains over 2,000 objects and over 2,100 materials. Drag and drop furniture, doors, windows, and other objects from the Library. Place them into the desired position and apply the materials in 2D or 3D. Set the exact size of a material tile to know how much of the material is needed for your house renovation.

Expand your material and object libraries by purchasing the Collection of Additional Materials (Extras Pack) and Additional Plants (Extras Pack 2).

Importing Objects

Seamlessly download objects from the Trimble 3D Warehouse™, or import models of your own in COLLADA, FBX, OBJ and 3DS formats.

Adding objects to interior design

Powerful Export Capabilities

Each view of the project in any mode can be exported to various formats. Floor plans and snapshots of an interior can be exported to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, or 360° Panorama JPEG file formats. Also, parts of a project, the whole floor or the whole project can be saved as a 3D model. It is also easy to set a camera path and to record a 3D video walkthrough of the project.

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Video Tutorials

Put Your PC to Full Use

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
All Architectures
All Architectures
Touch, Pen & Mouse Optimized
Touch, Pen & Mouse Optimized

System Requirements:

Windows 10.

Return Policy:

Returns are processed by Microsoft according to Microsoft Store Policy.

Available in:

English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) and Spanish languages.

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Latest News:

May 1, 2020 Live Home 3D v.3.8 brings new content in-app and bug fixes. Read more ›

December 19, 2018 Live Home 3D v.3.5 brings optimized performance and other important improvements.

September 19, 2019 Live Home 3D v.3.7 brings the Shadow Maps technique for calculation of lights and shadows.