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A house on the hills designed in Live Home 3D for Windows.

Easy and Powerful Floor Plan Designer

Create 2D plans with intuitive, point-and-click building tools. Easily measure out walls and rooms. Draw floor plans of your house from scratch or trace an imported image using Straight Wall, Arc Wall or Room drawing tools. The Pro Features in-app purchase unlocks additional tools for creating custom roofs and building blocks.

2D Plan View and Split Mode of Live Home 3D for Windows.

3D Home Design Visualization

House design visualization is automatically built once you switch from 2D to 3D view. Add and arrange furniture, paint walls and apply the materials, adjust the lighting and walk the interior in a realistic, beautiful, real-time 3D environment. You can easily apply the changes in the simple drag-and-drop workflow. Complete your house design using one of 12 customizable roof templates and 16 dormers.

A house project with an outdoor terrace made in Live Home 3D for Windows.

Adjustable Lighting

Easily change the brightness and color of any light fixture to achieve the desired scene. Efficiently plan lighting in your home by changing the time of day and house geolocation.

A pool area design.

Variety of Furniture and Materials

The built-in library contains over 2,400 objects and over 2,100 materials. Drag and drop furniture, doors, windows and other objects from the library. Place them into the desired position and apply the materials in 2D or 3D. Set the exact size of a material tile to determine how much of the material is needed for your house renovation.

Kids room and furniture library of Live Home 3D for Windows.

Importing Objects

Seamlessly download objects from the Trimble 3D Warehouse™, or import models of your own in COLLADA, FBX, OBJ and 3DS formats.

A collection of furniture 3D models.

Export Options

Projects can be exported as floor plans, screenshots, 3D models and video. The movie tracks can be exported to high-quality, ultra HD video files at 3840 × 2160 and 60 FPS. The home model can be exported to FBX, Collada, VRL, X3D, glTF or OBJ file format.

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Terrain Editing Tools

Recreate the landscape around your house with the help of advanced tools, such as Elevation Point, Elevation Line and Elevation Spline. Easily add pathways, driveways, cutouts and pools in just a few clicks.

A modern house project made in Live Home 3D Pro, a home design app for Windows.

Elevation View

The project can be explored and edited from the 2D side view. This feature allows you to adjust doors and windows, insert niches, openings and panels, arrange furniture precisely and more.

Split mode of Live Home 3D Pro for Windows with the Elevation view and 3D view.

Light Editor

Add a custom light source to any object and take full control of light attenuation, glow and direction.

Light editor of Live Home 3D Pro for Windows.

Material Editor

Advanced Material Editor allows the creation of highly realistic, physically based materials with adjustable roughness and metalness.

Material Editor of Live Home 3D Pro for Windows.

Functional Construction Tools

The most complex roofs become reality thanks to the custom roof editing features. With the Building Block tools, you can easily create various construction elements, such as beams, stairs and even furniture.

A house designed in the Live Home 3D App for Windows.

Share Like a Pro

Discover more freedom while recording video, thanks to the advanced camera settings. Get higher resolution results suitable for commercial purposes. Share snapshots up to 16384 × 16384 px, Ultra HD video walkthroughs and 360-degree panoramas with a resolution of up to 8192 × 4096 px.

Designs of a kitchen, a bathroom and modern villas made in Live Home 3D.

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System Requirements

Windows 10 or later.

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Returns are processed by Microsoft according to Microsoft Store Policy.

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English, German, French, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish and Portuguese languages.

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January 23, 2024

Live Home 3D v4.8.1520 features Kids World in-app and improved materials.

November 15, 2023

Live Home 3D v4.8.1514 contains minor fixes and enhancements.

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