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A traditional Chinese manor siheyuan created and rendered in Live Home 3D for Mac.

Creating a Traditional Chinese House

Learn how to build a traditional Chinese house in Live Home 3D.

A villa with the terrain designed in Live Home 3D Pro.

How to Create 3D Terrain Using Google Maps

How to create true-to-life 3D terrain based on the real map image.

A traditional Japanese house with a garden rendered in Live Home 3D for Mac.

Creating a Traditional Japanese House in Live Home 3D

Learn how to build a traditional Japanese house in Live Home 3D.

Samples of ceramic tiles.

How to Import a Material Into Live Home 3D

A step-by-step guide on how to import a custom material into Live Home 3D.

Contemporary building with a green roof.

Regenerative Design

Learn how regenerative architecture helps repair ecological systems.

A contemporary bedroom in a studio apartment.

Small Bedroom Layout

Explore different options and find the right layout for your small bedroom.

A small white kitchen with glass-paneled cabinetry.

10 Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Learn how to combine function with fashion and make the most of the kitchen space.

A house with the shed roof

How to Import 3D Models

Learn about importing 3D models into Live Home 3D.

A house with the shed roof

How to Use Room Scanner

Learn how to work with Room Scanner in Live Home 3D for iPhone and iPad.

A house with the shed roof

Creating a Vaulted Ceiling in Live Home 3D

Are you tired of conventional ceilings? Learn how to create an unusual design with different types of vaulted ceilings in Live Home 3D.

A black and white bathroom designed in Live Home 3D

Bathroom Design Ideas

Choose a bathroom design that suits your taste.

A beach house designed in Live Home 3D and rendered in AMD Radeon ProRender

3D Rendering With AMD Radeon™ ProRender

How to export highly realistic 3D scenes on Intel-based Macs.

A kitchen in gray colors in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian Interior Design

Dive into the basics of Scandinavian interior design that never goes out of style.

Roof assistant dialog of Live Home 3D

12 Basic Roof Types

Get acquainted with the 12 basic roof types available in the Roof Assistant.

Interior design in Memphis style

1980s Interior Design Trends

The selection of 1980s interior design trends that may complement your modern layouts.

Viewing a kitchen on an iPad in AR view of Live Home 3D

How to View a Home Model in AR

Learn how to create and view a home model in AR.

A bathroom with mountain view designed in Live Home 3D

How to Achieve Realistic Lighting

Learn about a wide range of light properties available in Live Home 3D.

An artistic living room designed in Live Home 3D

How to Make a Dark Room Look Brighter

These simple techniques and recommendations will help you bring light to your interior.

A kitchen in Scandinavian style designed in Live Home 3D for Mac

How to Use IKEA 3D Models

Find out how to use IKEA 3D models in your house projects and view them in your space.

A haunted house with Halloween decorations

Haunted House Designs

Haunted house 3D models and Halloween decoration objects for Live Home 3D.

A floor plan created in Live Home 3D

Where You Can Buy House Plans

The list of websites where you can buy house plans created by professional architects and designers.

Bedroom in rural style

Best AR Apps for iPhone and iPad

The list of cool AR apps for iPhones and iPads that will deliver an exciting augmented reality experience.

Bedroom in rural style

Bedroom Design Styles

Check out the 10 most popular bedroom styles to choose the one that’s right for you.

A bedroom design created in the Live Home 3D app for iPadOS

Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom design ideas that will help you create your perfect space for refreshing and recharging.

minimalist kitchen & dining room design

Minimalist Interior Design

Seven most important principles of minimalist interior design to make your home look uncluttered and stylish.

A stylish living room in white colors designed following feng shui rules

12 Feng Shui Tips for Home

Consider following these rules for organizing your living space harmoniously.

A country house with a garden designed in Live Home 3D

How to Share Your Interior Designs on Social Media

Use the power of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for spreading the word about your projects.

An architectural blueprint

How to Turn a Blueprint into a Digital Floor Plan

Learn how to draw a floor plan from a blueprint in Live Home 3D.

A bedroom designed in Live Home 3D

8 Ways to Share Your Interior Designs

Find out about the ways to share your interior designs created in Live Home 3D.

A modern office with the city view

Types of Office Layouts

Learn more about the most popular types of office layouts.

An apartment in New York with stunning city view

How to Create a Custom View From the Window

Any photo can serve as a perfect view for your interior design projects.

A tiny house on green grass

Efficient Designs for a Tiny Home

Helpful tips and a free furnished floor plan for a tiny home.

Drag and drop of color in Live Home 3D for changing a blue baby room's materials

Psychology of Colors in Interior Design

How do colors influence our brain? Psychology of colors in interior design is revealed in this article.

A robot illustrating artificial intelligence

AI in Interior Design

Learn about the opportunities artificial intelligence brings to interior design.

A floor plan of a house with a pool made in Live Home 3D

How to Draw a Floor Plan

A thorough instruction on how to draw a floor plan.

Vintage living room with a fireplace designed in Live Home 3D

10 Interior Design Trends 2021

Find out the most popular interior design trends of 2021.

Modern kitchen designed in Live Home 3D

How to Design a Kitchen

All the things that should be considered when you want to learn how to design a kitchen of your dreams yourself.

Samples of furniture objects and materials

3D Objects and Textures

Web resources with 3D objects and textures that can be used in Live Home 3D.

A comfortable house with a garage

How to Design a House

Read more about the option you have when designing a house.

Blender and SketchUp logos

Free 3D Modeling Software

A list of free 3D model editors you can use to make the exact copy of the real furniture items.

A house design created in Live Home 3D Pro app and rendered in V-Ray

3D Rendering Software

Learn about 3D rendering software and services that can help you get extremely photorealistic renders.

A living room design in Live Home 3D

How to Make a Living Room Look Bigger

Get useful advice on how to make a living room look bigger.

Two Years of ARKit

Two Years of ARKit: The Current State of AR on iOS

The research shows the trends of AR apps presence on the iOS market for the two-year period.

A kitchen viewed in AR (Augmented Reality) in Live Home 3D on an iPad

AR in Home Design

Find out more about using AR (Augmented Reality) in home design.

A young woman wearing a VR headset

VR in Home Design

What options we have for utilizing VR in home design and how it works. Live Home 3D helps to use VR in home design.

Color wheel

Using the Color Wheel

Find a color scheme for any room in your home.

A living room with a sofa, armchairs and a coffee table

Interior Lighting Tips: Task Lighting

Advice on lighting work areas.

A stylish interior

Interior Lighting Tips: Ambient Lighting

Learn about the concept of ambient lighting as it relates to interior design and get some lighting ideas.

Two lamps

Interior Lighting Tips: Comparing Light Bulb Types

Learn about the concept of ambient lighting as it relates to interior design and get some lighting ideas.

Trimble 3D Warehouse import dialog in Live Home 3D

Importing a 3D Model from Trimble 3D Warehouse™

The ability to use third party 3D models in Live Home 3D lets you create projects that better meet your design idea.

A fragment of a house

Basics of Window Types and Styles

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the most common types of windows before making the purchase.

A floorplan on the table

Becoming an Interior Designer

Learn what it takes and what it means to be an interior designer.

Logos of Live Home 3D partners

Live Home 3D Partners

The companies we work with to deliver excellent home design software.

A famous room from The Big Bang Theory series

The Big Bang Theory Virtual Apartment

With Live Home 3D we created the exact restoration of Sheldon and Leonard's apartment, with passionate love to The Big Bang Theory series.

A yard of a large house with a pool

Customizing Your Live Home 3D Project

How to customize the 3D space to reproduce the actual interior.

使用 Live Home 3D for Mac 创建和渲染的传统中国庭院四合院。


学习如何在 Live Home 3D 中创建传统中国房屋。

Live Home 3D for Mac でレンダリングした伝統的な日本家屋と庭。

Live Home 3D で伝統的な日本家屋を作成する

Live Home 3D で伝統的な日本家屋を作成する方法について学びます。