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All Extras Packs

Get all currently available and future content packs with a single purchase right now!

With All Extras Packs you get over 2,850 high-quality 3D models and 600 materials plus all upcoming content packs without any additional payment. When a new content pack is released, it will become immediately available to you for download in the Store.

To buy All Extras Packs, open the Store in your Live Home 3D app and check out the Additional Content section.

Individual Packs

Additional Materials icon
Additional Materials
Over 600 materials and textures, such as tiles, wallpaper, wood, stone and more.
Additional Plants icon
Additional Plants
Over 300 additional 3D models of garden pavilions, benches, outdoor kitchens, wells, chairs, etc.
Scandinavian Style Furniture icon
Scandinavian Style Furniture
500+ sofas, chairs and other furniture and decorative items in Scandinavian style.
Outdoor Object Collection icon
Outdoor Object Collection
Over 300 additional 3D models of garden pavilions, benches, outdoor kitchens, wells, chairs, etc.
Collection of Doors, Windows and Gates icon
Additional Doors and Windows
Additional 100+ 3D models of modern doors, windows and gates.
Houses Pack icon
50 Houses Pack
50 templates of houses in various styles to practice your interior design skills.
Christmas Decorations icon
Christmas Decorations
100 Christmas objects for indoor and outdoor decor.
Musical Instruments icon
Musical Instruments
More than 50 high-quality 3D models of musical instruments and sound equipment.
Asian Style Furniture icon
Asian Style Furniture
Over 150 furniture items in Asian style—both traditional and modern.
Additional Appliances icon
Additional Appliances
300+ items to furnish your home: kitchen equipment, home electronics and other appliances.
Bathroom Items icon
Bathroom Items
350+ bathroom equipment and accessories.
Contemporary Houses icon
Contemporary Houses
A set of 30 house templates in contemporary style.
Lamps and Lights icon
Lamps and Lights
The collection includes over 350 lamps, lanterns and lights of all kinds.
Kids Items icon
Kids World
The collection includes over 350 items for kids of all ages.