Augmented Reality Interior Design App for iPad and iPhone

As you might know, augmented reality (AR) apps combine a real-world environment with computer-generated content. Their main purpose is to widen the boundaries of the app’s use and provide you with a completely new experience of live presence.

Live Home 3D is a powerful AR interior design app for iPad and iPhone. It works seamlessly on your device, allowing you to “walk” inside your future house or renovated apartment long before you actually build it.

Prepare Your Project Before Export to AR

Bedroom design made in Live Home 3D

Create a House Project

To check out the augmented reality feature, you can use a template from a rich, built-in gallery of projects, but to get the most of the app, you should build your own house in Live Home 3D. It can be a house of your dreams or your current home that you’re planning to renovate.

Live Home 3D app on iPad, iPhone, Mac and Windows computers

Work on Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS and visionOS

You can build the house in the Live Home 3D app on your iPhone or iPad in 2D and switch to 3D view anytime you’d like. You can also open your project created in Live Home 3D for Mac, Vision Pro or Windows as the documents are easily shared between the platforms.

Live Home 3D home design app on an iPad

Choose Furniture

Add furniture items in 2D or 3D view modes. Live Home 3D includes a rich collection of furniture models from which to choose. Additional items can be imported or downloaded from the Trimble 3D Warehouse™, which significantly expands the design possibilities.

Stylish bathroom designed in Live Home 3D app for iPad

Apply Materials

Drag and drop any of the included 2,100+ materials from the Library in 2D or 3D view, or create your own materials by importing your images/photos or editing the existing materials.

Welcome to AR!

Live Home 3D gives full control over what you see in AR by offering different export, scale and lighting options depending on your needs.

Viewing a house model on an iPad using AR technology

Unique Viewing Experience

Live Home 3D for iOS/iPadOS uses Augmented Reality to provide you a unique experience: view and “walk inside” your designs, which can be a house, a room or a single object, in a real-world environment.

Different Scales

Live Home 3D lets you view your project in AR at different scales. 1:50 and 1:25 scales can be helpful, for example, if you need to view a huge project in whole.

AR home design project at scale

1:1 scale lets you feel like your iPhone or iPad is a window to your future house, you can walk inside and around the house seeing all the objects at real-life scale. What’s more, People Occlusion effect allows you to see people inside an AR scene.

Live Home 3D people occlusion

Various View Settings

Apart from scale options, you can also choose what exactly you want to view: entire project, current floor or selected objects. The latter allows one to see how a piece of or a set of furniture will look in real life and fit into space.

AR model in interior

Flexible Export Options

You can choose whether to export furniture (for example, when you want to see the house from the outside at 1:50 scale, you probably don’t need to export the furniture) and terrain.

True Sun Lighting Support

Live Home 3D supports True Sun Lighting, which means that if it’s switched on, the device will detect your location and apply directional light in the scene, lighting up the correct sides of your virtual objects.

Collaborative Mode

Live Home 3D users can view one project together on different devices. Collaborative Sessions feature allows users to join the same AR session and move or rotate virtual objects on multiple devices simultaneously.

AR collaborative session

Now you know everything about the AR feature in Live Home 3D and can try to experience it yourself.

If you need details on how to use AR export, watch the video tutorial below on viewing a home model in AR.

Live Home 3D - Viewing Projects in AR Video Poster