Intuitive Floorplanner App

Live Home 3D is a floorplanner app that lets you try out different 2D floor plan layouts and furniture arrangements of your living, and visualise the home in 3D. Free version is available for iPhone, iPad, Vision Pro and Windows devices, free trial—for Mac.

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Floor Plans from Scratch

Design floor plans easily with Wall and Arc Wall tools, or draw entire room spaces. For more vivid and explanatory floor plans use strokes, various hatch patterns and fill home spaces with colors.

Detailed floor plan layout in Live Home 3D
Floorplanner app on Macbook

Tracing a Blueprint

Replicating an existing home plan is a piece of cake, simply trace a floor plan picture with the app tools.

2D floor plan tools

Floorplanner Tools

Easily mark dimensions on the floor plan, or resize underlying objects with Smart Dimension tool.

Basement and ground floor plans

Multi-level Floor Plans

Add multiple stories to your home project with different floor plan layouts (basement, ground floor, first floor).

House floor plan in 3D

Floor Plan to 3D

Instantly render interior scene from 2D floor plan, walkthrough your home in 3D, rearrange furniture, try different textures and colors on the fly right in 3D view.

Interior furniture

Furniture and 3D Objects

Add furniture, windows and doors onto your floor plan from the embedded Library or download directly from SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

Floor Plan to Picture or Video

Export and share your floor plans in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG or BMP image formats. Moreover, setting up a camera path will record a video of a 3D walkthrough.

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