Working with Objects

Importing Objects from Trimble 3D Warehouse™

This section is dedicated to importing objects from Trimble 3D Warehouse™ directly. If you have already downloaded an object to your hard drive, refer to the Importing Objects section.

You need to have an Internet connection to import objects directly from Trimble 3D Warehouse™ since it is an online library.

To import a 3D model:

  1. Open the browser window by clicking the "hamburger" button and choosing Import > From Trimble 3D Warehouse™.
  2. Find a model you want to import. You can navigate through the library as on a regular website, or use the search box. Once you have found a model for your project, open its page.
  3. Click the Download button on the object page. If several formats are provided, choose Collada or Google Earth KMZ format. Only these formats are supported.

Until an object is completely downloaded, a replacement image will be shown in the 2D and 3D views.

The duration of the downloading process depends on the object file size and on the speed of your Internet connection.

Settings that control importing from Trimble 3D Warehouse™ are located in the program Settings. Navigate to the Settings > Import section. The settings have the same meaning as options for importing from a file explained in the Import Options section.

To change the properties of an already imported object, use the Type and Representation dialog box. To open it, right-click on the object and choose the Type and Representation item from the context menu. If the imported object is a door, window or staircase, you should specify this in the Type and Representation dialog.

The Browser Window

The built-in browser operates mostly as an ordinary web browser.

Toolbar buttons (from left to right):