How to View a Home Model in AR

One of the most innovative features of Live Home 3D for iPad and iPhone is the ability to place the created home or apartment into a real-world surrounding and even walk inside it using the “View in AR” feature.

A sharing AR (augmented reality) experience is available for devices running iOS and iPadOS 13 or higher.

A 3D model of a modern house viewed in AR (augmented reality) in Live Home 3D on an iPad

View the Home Model in Augmented Reality

Open a House Project

The first thing you need to do is open your project (or create one if you haven’t started working on it yet). You can also use one of the program templates, which is what we will do in the following example.

A Gallery with the template collection of Live Home 3D for iPad

Export Your Project to AR

Now tap on the “Menu” button and choose “Export > View in AR”. You can also do this by tapping the AR button while you are in the 2D mode.

A modern kitchen created in Live Home 3D for iPad

The dialog box that appears allows you to choose which part you want to see in AR: the entire project, the current floor, selected objects, or you may just join the nearby AR session.

The dialog box also allows you to control whether you want to see or hide furniture and terrain from the project in AR. True Sun lighting for the exported model can also be enabled here.

View in AR dialog of Live Home 3D Pro for iPad

Select “View in AR”

Now tap “View in AR” to proceed straight to the AR view. This is where all the magic happens! The first thing you need to do in the AR view is capture a horizontal surface to place the AR model. For this, point your camera at any horizontal flat surface. Move the camera around slowly until the rectangle in the center of the screen turns into a solid outline.

Horizontal surface detection in the AR view of Live Home 3D for iPad

Select the Required Scale

Tap on the plus button and select the scale for the house or apartment in AR. You can choose among the following scales: 1:50, 1:25, 1:10 and 1:1. The house will be placed automatically onto the captured surface.

Choosing scale in the AR view of Live Home 3D for iPad

Move and Rotate the 3D Model

If needed, you can move and rotate the 3D model of the house using gestures right in the AR view.

A 3D home model viewed on a table top with the help of AR (augmented reality) technology in Live Home 3D

View or Walk Around the AR Model

Once you have finished with the house positioning, you can view it from the different viewpoints by simply moving your device around it. When choosing the largest (1:1) scale, you can figuratively “walk inside” or around the house.

A kitchen model in AR in the Live Home 3D interior design app for iPad

Export the AR View

To export a view as an image, tap on the shutter button.

Exporting the AR view as an image in Live Home 3D for iPad

Exit the AR View

To exit AR view, tap the X button.

A kitchen model in augmented reality in the Live Home 3D interior design app for iPad

Restart the AR Session or Start a New One

If you wish to change the scale, capture another surface or position the house in a different way, tap on the circular arrow in the top right corner of the screen to restart the AR session.

Viewing a home model in AR (augmented reality) in Live Home 3D on iPad

Share AR Experience Across Multiple Devices

You may also like to share your AR experience with several other iOS devices. Here are the easy-to-use instructions:

Enable Wireless Connection

Enable your wireless connection, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, on both casting and receiving devices. The devices you share with must have the latest version of Live Home 3D installed and the same iOS or iPadOS versions. Both casting and receiving devices must be located in close proximity.

Wi Fi and Bluetooth turned on on the iPad and iPhone for sharing AR experience across multiple devices

Open AR View on the Casting Device

On the casting device, open the project you want to share in AR view.

Sharing the AR view between iPad and iPhone in Live Home 3D home design app

Join the Nearby AR Session on the Receiving Devices

On each of the receiving devices, open the AR setup dialog and choose the “Join to nearby AR session” option. Then tap “View in AR.”

Place the receiving devices as close as possible to the position where the casting device started the AR session. You need to wait until the receiving devices fully load data from the casting one.

Illustrating the process of joining the nearby AR session on iPhone and iPad in Live Home 3D

Enjoy the AR Experience with Your Friends, Co-workers and Clients

Once the home model appears on all devices, you may move and rotate it right in the AR view. The changes you apply will be seen on all devices.

Sharing a 3D house model between iPhone and iPad in Live Home 3D with the help of AR (augmented reality)

Well, that's all you need for viewing the home in AR! This article is based on the “Viewing the Home Model in AR” video. You are welcome to watch it!

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Revised: March 2023