What’s New in v.4


Physically-Based Materials

A more realistic look of the designs is achieved thanks to the use of physically based materials. Metal and stone textures provide rough surface properties, while glass and mirrors offer more natural reflections.

Physically-based materials of Live Home 3D version 3 and version 4

House Movement and Rotation

The new project level called Site allows rotation of the whole house or apartment. You may also place it in the desired location. No need to rebuild the structure from scratch any more!

A split view of a house in Live Home 3D Pro version 4 for Mac

Terrain Editing Tools

The Pro version brings long-awaited terrain editing functionality to the app. Now you may recreate the identical landscape around your house.

A 3D view of a house designed in Live Home 3D Pro version 4 for Mac

The landscape can be created with the help of Elevation Point, Elevation Line and Elevation Spline tools. The cutouts, pathways, driveways, pits, ponds and swimming pools can also be added.

Terrain editing shown in Live Home 3D Pro version 4

Curtain Walls Creation

A new wall type, Curtain Wall, allows creation of walls of any height, independent of the current story height. This could be especially helpful in case you need to add exterior glass wall panels.

3D view of a house with curtain walls made in Live Home 3D Pro version 4

The start and end height of the Curtain Wall can differ, and it may even have an elevation! Doors, windows and openings can be inserted into such walls by dragging and dropping them from the library.

A curtain wall made in Live Home 3D

Material Editing Capabilities

New material editing capabilities are coming with the enhanced material dialog in the Pro version. By adjusting the properties of the texture, you may reach a new level of realism in your designs.

Material editing dialog of Live Home 3D Pro for Mac

Additional Enhancements in the Windows Version

Split Mode and Other Enhancements

Finally, the Split Mode is coming to the Windows version. Now you can work in 2D and 3D mode simultaneously.

Split mode of Live Home 3D for Windows with a house designed in this app

The app also offers the tab system for opening the documents to make the collaboration between different projects much easier.

Also in the Mac Version

Photo-Realistic, Offline, Ray-Tracing Rendering

Enhance the quality of the exported 3D views by using the photo-realistic, offline, ray-tracing rendering technology powered by AMD Radeon™ ProRender. Note that this technology is available for Macs only.

Photo-realistic offline ray-tracing rendering technology of Live Home 3D for Mac powered by AMD Radeon™ ProRender

Also in the iOS / iPadOS Version

Room Scanning Tool

Scan your room or house using the RoomScanner feature based on LiDAR technology to recreate its digital copy in the app.

Scan of a room or house in Live Home 3D for iPhone and iPad using the scanner based on LiDAR technology

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