Live Home 3D Workspace

Live Home 3D Menus

To open or close the menu, click the menu button in the upper left corner of the main window.

Menu button
Gallery Open the Gallery.
New Create a new project.
Open Open a project from the local disk or OneDrive.
Save Save a project to the local disk or OneDrive.
Save As Save a project to the local disk or OneDrive with a different file name or location.
Close Close the current project.
Import > From Trimble 3D Warehouse™… Open the Trimble 3D Warehouse™ browser to search for and import 3D objects.
Import > From File… Import a 3D object or image from a file.
Export > Share Send the current view (e.g. floor plan) or a screenshot of the whole main window to another program. The list of such programs is provided by the operating system.
Export > Save as Template Save the active project as a template.
Export > Export 3D View… Export the current 3D view to a graphic file.
Export > Record Video Create a video. Stereo 3D Video and 360° Video are also supported. You should select a movie track in the 3D view or Inspector before choosing this menu command.
Export > Export 3D Objects… Export a selected object, the whole project or a particular floor to a file in one of supported 3D object formats.
Print Print the current view.
Store Open the Store in order to upgrade or buy additional content.
Help Open the online documentation.
Video Tutorials Open the online video tutorials.
Send Feedback Allows you to send your feedback to the developers.
Settings Open the Settings panel to set up the program or current project, or access some useful information.