Live Home 3D Workspace

The Main Window

The Main Window

1 – The Library panel displays the 3D object, material library or the Project Tree.

2 – The editing area can display a floor plan, elevation or 3D view

3 – The toolbar with 2D Plan, 3D view or 2D Elevation view tools. The available set of tools depends on which view is activated.

4 – The Inspector.

Controlling Views and Panels

There are buttons in the toolbar that let you activate 2D or 3D views, or open the menu or panels.

Menu and panel buttons

1 – Open the menu. It contains commands to open the Gallery and Settings. It also lets you open or save projects and access the documentation and tutorials.

2 – Open or close the Library panel that includes the object and material libraries and the Project Tree.

3 – Open or close the Inspector.

4 – Open the pop-up menu that lets you choose: