Working with Materials

Applying Materials

The material library is located in the Library panel. To open it, click the Library button Library button in the toolbar.

Material Library

The drop-down menu at the top of the panel lists categories of materials such as Brick or Wood. The Favorites category can serve as a storage for materials you select for your project.

Applying a Material to an Object

Applying Materials in the 3D View

Drag a material from the library and drop it onto an object's part. Be careful, because an object may have multiple parts with different or the same materials applied.

The Building Block, Opening, Wall Panel and Niche objects, and also the side surfaces of slabs support two ways of applying materials. Let's see how this works with Building Blocks. If you drag and drop a material onto any side of the block, this side will be repainted. The same happens after drag-and-dropping a material onto the top of the block. However, if you drag and drop a material onto a side holding down the Alt key, a new material will be applied to all of the sides. The Alt key doesn't change the regular behavior when you apply a material to the top of the block or to the face of a wall panel.

Replacing a Material Listed in the Inspector

  1. Select an object in your project.
  2. Open the list of materials of the selected object in the Object Materials tab of the Inspector.
  3. Drag a new material from the library and drop it onto a material in the Inspector. In order to replace several materials, select them in the Inspector. Then drag and drop a new material onto any of the selected ones.

Using the Inspector to apply a material is useful when:

To copy a material from another object, use the material picker.