Working with Projects

Creating Videos

You can create a video as you walk through the 3D space. In order to do this, you should begin with the creation of a movie track.

In the Inspector, you can activate the Loop Track option. It links the beginning and end of the movie track by adding one more segment. This allows you to make the camera move along a closed circle.

Using the Field Of View parameter in the Inspector, you can zoom in or out. Set a wider angle if you are going to shoot the interior of a house. All cameras of a movie track have the same value of the Field Of View. This feature is only available in the Pro edition.

Creation of a Movie

To create a movie:

  1. Select a movie track.
  2. Click the Record Video… button in the Camera Properties tab of the Inspector.
  3. Set up properties of the video.
  4. Type a name for a new video file and choose a folder to save it in.
  5. Click Save.

For better quality, choose a higher resolution and frame rate. Note that increasing these parameters increases the size of a video file and the creation time.

To make sure that movie cameras and lighting are set up correctly, you can export a draft movie with low resolution or frame rate. Exporting a high quality video usually takes some time which may be not suitable if you wish to experiment with lighting, positions of movie cameras, or different materials.