Bosch Laser Measure Integration With Live Home 3D

How can you accurately measure the distance between two surfaces? The best way to do it is using a laser measure—an essential device for builders and landscapers. It can quickly and precisely establish the height of a room or the length of a stairway. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to instantly transfer these measurements to an intuitive home and exterior design app? Well, Live Home 3D and Bosch make it possible.

Live Home 3D home design app opened on iPad with Bosch laser measure laying beside it.

Easier, Faster and More Accurate Way to Measure

Made from high-quality materials, Bosch laser measures are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use and can measure distances up to 165 feet (50 meters) with an accuracy of ±1⁄16 inch (1.5 mm). Bosch laser measures are compact, portable, versatile and can be used together with apps like Live Home 3D, calculating the precise dimensions of a room or any object—a perfect combo for those who work on tasks like building a house or doing a renovation.

The three Bosch laser measure models: GLM 400C, GLM 165-27CG, GLM 165-27C that are supported in the Live Home 3D app for iPhone and iPad.
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All You Need Is a Bluetooth Connection

Once you give Live Home 3D permission to utilize Bluetooth in order to receive data from an external device (aka your Bosch laser measure) in your iOS or iPadOS device's settings, you will be able to transfer measurements for furniture, walls and other items from the device to the app and apply them to matching 3D models.

Here’s the quick guide:

Enable the Receive Measurements Option

Open the Program Settings, go to the Import section and then tap on the Bluetooth Measuring Tools. Now turn on the Receive measurements option.

Receive measurements option turned on in the Program Settings of the Live Home 3D app for iPhone and iPad.

Connect Your Bosch Laser Measure to Live Home 3D

Turn on Bluetooth on your device, if you haven’t already. In the Bluetooth Measuring Tools section, choose your laser measure to connect it. (Note that if you previously connected your Bosch laser measure to another app, you need to disconnect the laser measure from that app before connecting it to Live Home 3D.)

Choosing the Bosch laser measure in the Bluetooth Measuring Tools section in the Live Home 3D app for iPhone and iPad.

Apply the Measurements

Now you can select how many of the recent measurements you want to access. Tap on the value to apply the necessary measurements to the corresponding 3D object in Live Home 3D. You can take as many measurements as you want as long as your Bosch laser measure remains connected, and the list of values will be instantly updated and the latest measured value will show up at the top.

Selecting the amount of the recent measurements that Live Home 3D app for iPhone and iPad received from the Bosch laser measure.

What Models of Bosch Laser Measures Are Supported in Live Home 3D?

For now, the following Bosch laser measures are supported in the app:

  • PLR 50 C
  • GLM 50 C
  • GLM 50-27 C
  • GLM 50-27 CG
  • GLM 100 C
  • GLM 120 C
  • GLM 150 C
  • GLM 165-27 C
  • GLM 165-27 CG
  • GLM 400 C

Why Choose Live Home 3D to Work on Your Project?

Live Home 3D is an intuitive home and exterior design app that offers its users a broad scope of possibilities: from efficient construction tools and physically-based materials to AR and VR experience. Here’s a brief list of some of the features you will be able to access in the free version of the app.

Creating Detailed Floor Plans

Live Home 3D allows you to easily trace an existing blueprint or create a floor plan from scratch with the interior scene being instantly rendered in 3D.

A detailed floor plan created in Live Home 3D for iPhone and iPad.

Rich Furniture and Material Library

More than 2,400 objects and 2,100 textures are available in the Live Home 3D libraries: you will be able to find a wide range of materials, furniture, appliances and decorations for your designs.

Rich libraries of furniture and materials available in Live Home 3D for iPhone and iPad.
Living room design created in Live Home 3D for iPhone and iPad: day view, twilight view and night view.

Advanced Lighting Settings

Achieving a true-to-life lighting scene is easy with Live Home 3D. Change the time of day and the date, and set any desired geolocation for your house to check on the lighting conditions at any time of the day anywhere in the world.

Room scanner feature available in Live Home 3D for iPhone and iPad.

Room Scanner

The Live Home 3D Room Scanner uses Apple’s RoomPlan framework for more accurate results of room recreation. If you own an iPhone or iPad with LiDAR technology, our real-time scanner will help you scan any room in augmented reality and will recreate the 3D model of the space in the app.

Get More With Live Home 3D Pro

Advanced Material Editor

Create extremely realistic physically-based materials with changeable roughness and metalness with the app’s Advanced Material Editor.

Advanced Material Editor functionality available in the Live Home 3D app for iPhone and iPad with unlocked Pro features.

An Easy Way to Work With Windows, Doors, Niches and Openings

The 2D Elevation view helps you precisely position furniture, move doors and windows and add niches, openings and panels, among other things.

2D Elevation view—an easy way to work with doors, windows, openings and niches, available in Live Home 3D for iPhone and iPad with unlocked Pro features.

Terrain Editing

Use Elevation Point, Elevation Line and Elevation Spline to create or recreate the terrain the terrain for your project. Add elevations, bumps, cutouts, pools, driveways and other features with only a few clicks.

The examples of houses with different landscapes created using the terrain editing tools available in Live Home 3D for iPhone and iPad with unlocked Pro features.

Advanced ​​Construction Tools

The Building Block is your perfect tool for custom constructions: create your own furniture, beams, stairs, etc.

The Thai House project available in the 50 Houses Pack in the Live Home 3D app.

More Export and Sharing Options

With Live Home 3D Pro, you can obtain results with a higher resolution. Share images at a maximum resolution of 16384 by 16384 pixels, Ultra HD video tours and 360-degree panoramas with a maximum resolution of 8192 by 4096 pixels.

The outdoor kitchen design created in the Live Home 3D app.

The Live Home 3D app has even more features to offer, so choose your platform below and find all about what you can get with Live Home 3D for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Vision Pro and Windows devices.

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