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How to Achieve Realistic Lighting in Live Home 3D

As we know, light is very important for our world! It is necessary for us to see things around us. We and all the objects reflect light, which allows us and most other objects to be seen.

Light is an essential part of interior design. Without proper lighting, shadows and reflections, any interior design project looks unnatural. Moreover, knowing in advance the amount of light the room gets, you can select the best color scheme. For example, there exist multiple tricks for making the room brighter by choosing the right color for the interior and decor items.

A bathroom with mountain view designed in Live Home 3D

It is no surprise that Live Home 3D pays a lot of attention to light properties. A wide range of options allows you to achieve maximum realism. Read this article to find out what light options you have in this home design app available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows devices.

Light is a combination of natural and artificial light. Below, you will find out about both types.

Natural Light Sources

We will start with natural light sources, such as the sun and the moon.

A kitchen with city view designed in Live Home 3D
Designed in Live Home 3D.

True Geo Position

The first thing you need to know is that you can select the exact geolocation of your building. When you have selected the coordinates, particular city or location on a map, Live Home 3D will show you the realistic way the sun is shining at this particular latitude and longitude.

Even the stars that you see in the sky at night are exactly the stars seen in your location in reality! Live Home 3D uses a map of the 9,110 brightest stars that are visible with the naked eye. Isn’t this awesome?!

Geo position functionality of Live Home 3D

Define the North for Your Project

Define where north is by setting true north in the compass located in the Inspector panel to match the real position of your house or apartment. This will allow you to see realistic natural light conditions. If you are still planning the house, you can select the most advantageous location for some specific rooms.


Review Light Conditions at Different Times of the Day

How do you like that? You can look at your apartment or house at any time of day and learn how it will look in the future. This way, it is possible to plan the best color scheme. For example, you can make the room brighter by following these useful tips on making a room lighter. You will know for sure if the sunlight will blind you at your work desk. Awesome, huh?

Daytime and cloudiness adjustment in Live Home 3D

Look at Your Project During Different Seasons

The sun trajectory changes during the year. In winter, it doesn’t rise too high above the horizon, which changes the way it lights up certain places. It is cool that you can choose a particular date and review the natural lighting in different seasons and even on a particular day of the year. For this, just select the date you need.

Summer lighting in Live Home 3D for Windows
Winter lighting in Live Home 3D for Windows

All the above described details together ensure true-to-life lighting in your projects.

Artificial Light

Add Light Sources From the Library

Easily add lamps to your project by dragging them from the Lamps section of the Object library. You have full control over their luminosity and color, and you can turn them on and off. Imagine that! If a lamp has several bulbs, you can control each bulb’s properties separately.

Live Home 3D for Windows with lamps collection

Create New Light Sources

Create and edit new light sources in the Pro version.You can add a light source to any object that exists in the built-in library or is imported. Multiple adjustments of light attenuation, luminosity, glow size, light beams, diffuse and specular colors lead to different light properties. Thus, you will be able to create a light effect for candles, fireplaces, light bulbs and objects of different types. More about the light properties: for macOS, Windows and iOS / iPadOS.

Light Source Editor in Live Home 3D home design app

Learn About Different Light Types

In our articles, you will find where ambient and task lighting are preferable. You can also find out about different light bulb types to select the right types for your home.

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Revised: March 2023