Auxiliary Objects

Text Annotation

The Annotation tool lets you add text to the floor plan or 2D Elevation view.

To add text, activate the Annotation tool, draw a text box, and then type or paste text. To modify text, double-tap on it.

To activate the Annotation tool, tap on the plus button in the toolbar and choose the Auxiliary tool set.

Text tool

To resize or rotate a text box, move the corresponding handle on the object's frame.

Text boxes added to the project are listed in the Project Tree. In the Project Tree, you can lock text or make it invisible.

Editing and Formatting Text

In order to format text annotations, floor labels and the textual part of dimensions, use the Text Annotations tools located in the 2D Properties tab of the Inspector.

Text formatting tools

The font size will remain the same if you choose another scale in the Project Settings.