Working with Stories

Introduction to Stories

The app supports the creation of multi-story buildings. A new project contains only one story. You can add new stories above or below it.

The number of stories you can add in the standard edition of the app is limited to 2 stories and the loft. The Pro edition has no limitation.

All projects must contain a ground floor. In a multi-story building, any of the floors can be selected as the ground floor.

To manage stories, use the tools in the Building Properties tab of the Inspector.

The app adds slabs automatically. As soon as you add a new story above the current one, the app will add a slab between them.

In the Project Tree, each floor is represented as a compound object that includes other objects located on this floor such as furniture, doors, windows, etc.

The elevation of an object is calculated in relation to the story where the object is located. You can use the Project Tree to find out inside which of the stories the object is listed.