Removing the Program

To uninstall the program completely or delete some of its parts, choose Live Home 3D > Uninstall… from the menu. You should then select items that you want to delete and click the Uninstall button. This command is not available in the Mac App Store edition.

To delete the program files and folders, select:

These items can be restored by reinstalling the application.

To delete objects and materials that you have added to the library, select the Remove User Content check box. Be careful! You will not be able to restore the user’s libraries by reinstalling Live Home 3D.

It is possible to backup and later restore custom materials and objects.

Removing the Program Manually

To remove the program manually, remove the following files and folders depending on the edition of the program you have, and from where it was downloaded.

Live Home 3D Pro (developer's site):

Live Home 3D and Live Home 3D with Pro features enabled (developer's site):

Live Home 3D Pro (Mac App Store):

Live Home 3D (Mac App Store):

Note that the last path in each list is the storage for custom templates, objects and materials. Backup this folder if you wish to use its contents in the future.

“~” means the user's Home folder.

To access any path listed above, copy it. In Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder (Cmd-Shift-G). You should then paste the path into the edit box, and click the Go button.

Clearing the Program Preferences

To return the program settings to the default state, open the /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app application, paste the command which corresponds to the edition of Live Home 3D you have, and press the Return key. These are commands for each edition.

Live Home 3D Pro (developer's site):
defaults delete com.belightsoft.LiveHome3DPro

Live Home 3D and Live Home 3D with Pro features enabled (developer's site):
defaults delete com.belightsoft.LiveHome3D

Live Home 3D Pro (Mac App Store):
defaults delete com.belightsoft.LiveHome3DPro.MAS.plist

Live Home 3D (Mac App Store):
defaults delete com.belightsoft.LiveHome3D.MAS.plist

After clearing or deleting the preferences file of any site edition, you will have to input the license code again. The Mac App Store editions don't require entering the license code.