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Exporting the 3D View

You can save the current 3D view or the view from one of the cameras as a graphic file. To adjust the current point of view, you can use tools in the Walk Control. The field of view can be set in the Inspector.

To export the 3D view:

  1. Choose File > Export > Export to File… from the menu.
  2. Set the Export option to 3D View.
  3. Select the current view or a camera from the Camera drop-down list.
  4. Set up the image size.
  5. Choose one of the graphic formats. The program supports: BMP, TIFF, JPEG and PNG.
  6. Type a file name and click Save.

You can also open the Export dialog by clicking the Share toolbar button and choosing the Export to File… option.

After an image is saved, the program allows you to preview it.

In order to print an exported image, you can use the Preview application.