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Working with Roofs

Interior Walls in the Loft

The Loft Wall is a type of wall that is used in the loft. Unlike the standard walls (called Story Walls), the height of the Loft Walls is not fixed by the current story height. The Loft Wall height follows the ceiling height even if the ceiling is sloped. Unlike other wall types, Loft Walls don't change the shape of the roof.

The same tool in the toolbar is used to add walls of any type. The default wall type is Story Wall. When you add walls in the loft, the program automatically switches to the Loft Wall type. To change the wall type manually, use the Type pop-up menu in the Object Properties tab of the Inspector.

Loft walls can also be used to create external walls under an elevated roof. This is useful if the lowest part of the roof is below the ceiling level on the same story, and when the top of regular walls would be too high.

You should only use Loft Walls in the loft.

Loft Walls can connect to each other, but cannot connect to Story Walls.