Guidelines and the Layout Grid


Guidelines are used to align objects on the floor plan and mark up the layout before drawing or placing objects.

To add a guideline, place the mouse pointer over a ruler and press and hold the left mouse button. You can then drag and drop a guideline onto the drawing. Alternatively, you can select the Horizontal Guide or Vertical Guide item from the Insert menu.

To select a guideline, click on it. The Information bar, which is above the horizontal ruler, displays the coordinate of the selected guideline.

The cursor changes into a bidirectional arrow when you move it over a guideline. At this moment, you can right-click on the guideline to open its context menu.

To move a guideline, drag it with the mouse.

To remove a guideline, select it and press the Backspace key. You can also drag and drop a guideline onto a ruler. The horizontal ruler adds and removes horizontal guidelines, and the vertical ruler works with vertical guidelines.

Like other objects, guidelines are listed in the Project Tree where they can be locked or made invisible.

There are also smart guides in the program. Smart guides are temporary guidelines that appear when you draw walls, floors, or ceilings, and when you move objects.