Solving Problems


Cannot Open the Program

Removing the Program

Navigate to Live Home 3D in the Start menu, right-click on the program's icon and choose Uninstall.

Resetting the Program

  1. Open the Windows Settings.
  2. Navigate to System > Apps & features.
  3. Click on Live Home 3D and then click Advanced options.
  4. Click the Reset button.

Cannot Select an Object

The object you cannot select may be locked. Find the object in the Project Tree to verify this.

Performance Issues

The 3D view may respond to your actions with a delay because of the limited computer performance. The performance problems usually don't affect the 2D Plan view.

To speed up rendering in the 3D view, adjust the 3D settings in the 3D section of program Settings. This involves finding a compromise between the performance and the quality of the 3D picture. To do this:

Note that you can edit your project at lower quality and then set up high quality to export pictures or videos.

While you are editing your project, keep in mind the following:

Avoid using too detailed 3D models. The Type and Representation dialog lets you decrease the object's level of detail.

Since all programs running at the same time may share the computer resources, make sure that you have closed programs you don't use. A more radical measure is to reboot your computer and start only Live Home 3D and as few programs as possible. This will let Live Home 3D use maximum available computer resources.

Red Circles on the Floor Plan

Red circles indicate that walls didn't connect to each other properly in the point where a corner should appear. As a rule, errors of this type are caused by small pieces of wall added unintentionally. Sometimes this can happen when a wall adjoins another wall at a very sharp angle.

Bad wall connection

To fix such an error, you should find out how many walls are present near the red circle. The problem may be caused by a very small wall that overlays another wall and hence is not visible very well. Select all walls around the red circle using the selection frame. This will highlight contours of the walls and may make an invisible wall visible. In the image below, a small wall, added by mistake, appears to be present over the corner.

Several walls are selected revealing one added by mistake.

An alternative way is to select walls one after another in the Project Tree and see if the currently selected wall is located near the red circle.

Errorneous wall is selected.

All unintended walls, as one selected in the image above, should be deleted. If the circle remains, then you need to check the rest of the walls near the red circle. Select one and delete it. If the red circle is still there, call Undo and do the same with another wall until the problem is fixed.

Printing Problems

The printer does not print:

If your printed text or images have low quality (light stripes or gaps on the printout, or the printout fades out, or you see wrong colors), check the ink or toner level.

If the printout is blurry, or ink dries out for a long time:

To understand the cause of the problem, make a test printout from other software. If the problem persists, it's more likely that the problem is related to the hardware.

For more detailed guidance, refer to your printer User's Manual.

Other Problems

If you cannot find a solution to your problem above, contact the BeLight Software support.