Working with Projects

The Daylight Settings

The lighting in any project is a composition of the daylight and artificial light. The Light Sources section explains how to work with light sources.

To set up the daylight, use the Light Properties tab of the Inspector.

The program simulates the daylight upon the geographic location and daytime. They are located in the Environment section.

Daylight settings.

To set up the daytime, you can choose the predefined time by clicking on the corresponding buttons: Morning (6:00), Day (12:00), Evening (18:00), or Night (24:00). To set any time you like, select the Custom option which is far to the right. Then click on the box below and set the proper time.

The Cloudiness slide bar changes the amount of clouds in the sky. It is intended to take pictures of your project with different sky conditions, but doesn't affect the brightness of the daylight.

The program requires that you specify the Latitude and direction to north in order to simulate the sun light.

In order to define the direction to the north in your project, rotate the compass in the Inspector by changing the North direction value. The same result can be achieved by rotating the compass displayed on the floor plan. If the compass is not needed on your floor plan, deactivate the Show Compass option in the 2D section of the Settings.

One of ways to find out the coordinates of some place is to open the Google Maps site. Right-click on the place of interest and choose "What's here?" from the menu. A popup panel will display Latitude and Longitude. For example, some point in Los Angeles has Latitude=34.04 and Longitude=-118.24.