10 Ways to Make Your Interior Look More Expensive

In a perfect world, professional designers strive to bring more comfort and luxury to people’s homes. In practice, modern tools like design software allow people to experiment independently and find relatively inexpensive yet clever ways to make their interior layouts more noble and expensive. If you desire a flawless result, it is high time to distinguish what extra tips and suggestions will help you utilize advanced software to the greatest extent.

Two chairs and a coffee table in a white and pastel pink living room.

Add Symmetry

Symmetry is considered to be the key factor to a beautiful interior design. It creates a peaceful and harmonious effect. There are several types of symmetry you can implement in your design:

  • Reflection. The objects are positioned in such a way that they seem to mirror each other.
  • Rotational. The objects form a circle around a common center.
  • Translational. The objects are repeated so that the whole composition creates a taller, wider or broader effect. This type of symmetry is commonly used in patterns.
Symmetrical design of a modern living room in brown shades with a fireplace, two green plants and a light wooden flooring.

In Live Home 3D, you can create both 2D and 3D plans for your interior design. Such schemes include furniture, light sources and much more. Having a professional service to track your progress will also enable you to try out more symmetrical patterns that you can introduce into your living space.

Stick to a Neutral Color Palette

This piece of advice seems rather minimalistic, but it does let you achieve your goal in the most efficient way. Varying shades of gray, brown, white and black are considered the main tones for this type of design aesthetic, but the overlap of neutrality is richer. For example, beige, chocolate, mocha, hazelnut and tan hues will let you diversify the interior design palette. Bright and glittery colors are harder to implement in your interior design, and they don’t leave such a peaceful impression.

Luxury bedroom interior in beige tones with a king size high bed and panoramic view.

Upgrade the Curtains

It is possible to fool the eye with this decor in a simple manner. All you need is to hang the rod close to the ceiling above the window and select smooth and pattern-free curtains that reach the floor or leave minimal distance to it. To make them look more expensive, ensure they are as accurate and neat as possible (steaming will be a great idea). Adding sheers will complement the image through its loft notes. Given that natural light and high ceilings are common features of luxurious spaces, you kill two birds with one stone with this simple trick.

Luxury interior of a living room in light shades of brown and gray with curtains hanging close to the ceiling above the window.

Layer the Duvets and Diversify the Throw Pillows

Track fancy designs without busting your budget. What will you see? Even if you don’t need more than two pillows and duvets, adding extra pieces will ensure more luxury.

Another way to elevate the look of your bed or sofa is using throw pillows. They aren’t expensive and will personalize your interior design perfectly. Get decorative pillows in different sizes and with various patterns to layer them on your bedding or sofa, and you’ll see how this approach will change the look of your entire room.It is a quick idea that lets you transform your bedroom or living room into a five-star location.

Queen sized bed with multiple throw pillows in different shades of gray, brown and black.

Change the Faucets

Updating your fixtures will make your home’s style more elegant and modern. If you feel like changing the color will be enough, you can use simpler means like spray paint. However, it is better to replace some really unflattering faucets that don’t match the style of your bathroom or kitchen, since these small details actually affect the vibe of your home. Moreover, there are numerous models that don’t cost a fortune yet let you enhance your surroundings.

White modern wash basin with sophisticated silver vintage faucet.

Conceal the Wiring

Wires and cables snaking out from behind the TV or lying tangled on the floor devalue the look of the room more than you think. Thankfully, there’s a way to cover up the mess. Make your home look more top-notch by hiding the wiring of your devices into special cases sold in household goods stores. Less mess equates to more value!

Three pictures of TV cords: uncovered cords, hidden with black cord cover and covered with gray cord cover.
Image taken from Amazon.

Add Coffee Table Decor

Even when your budget is limited, don’t rush into impulsive purchases. Take your time searching for the perfect items. With the help of in-built collections of furniture, texture and other materials in Live Home 3D, you can determine whether the prospective investment is really worth it. It is a marvelous chance to get acquainted with the art of surface styling—even simple coffee table books are a gorgeous touch that adds personality to your home.

Luxurious living room in white and gray shades with burgundy and gold metallic accents made in the Live Home 3D home design app.
Designed in Live Home 3D.

Remove the Unpretty Packaging

One of the ways to make your home more luxurious and expensive is to make items more “in tune” with each other by having them follow a similar style. Myriad bottles with soaps, shampoos, conditioners and other bathroom and kitchen products that come in different colors and styles look a bit messy on your countertops and shelves. Rebottling and rejarring those goodies will help you make the overall look more organized and high end.

Sage green kitchen with painted brick walls and stylish white jars and other accessories.

Add and Angle the Lighting

You can make your house look luxurious less expensively by controlling your interior design lighting. It is better to replace direct fluorescent lights right above the table with those that are angled in other directions, such as down at the wall. Not only is it a wonderful chance to highlight your family photos or other decorations on your walls, but it also prevents lighting from being so harsh and aggressive. Pendant lights and chandeliers also can make your room seem more expensive and high end.

A living room in light colors made in the Live Home 3D home design app.
Designed in Live Home 3D.

Get Rid of Stains

Another chance to elevate your home feels like cheating, but it works really great. You don’t have to buy a new piece of furniture—just use stain markers and paint pens to make it look flawless and gorgeous again. It will be a worthwhile opportunity to forget about those accidentally left “scars” on chairs, sofas and other elements of your interior design. Remove any scratches and nicks that you might come across in your home, and make your furniture appear brand new.

A hand holding a stain marker and painting over a scratch on a wooden furniture piece.
Image taken from Amazon.

Add Large Items

Luxury homes have plenty of square footage, so they tend to have large furniture pieces. Unfortunately, these large items tend to be extremely expensive. But, there’s a hack! Putting two small pieces together, for example, two small coffee tables or cupboards, can be a great solution. Now you can enjoy the illusion of one large and interesting item. Another way of making your space appear more high end is to introduce oversized pieces of art, large candles with your beloved scent or greenery to your home.

Spacious living room in gray and white tones with a large sofa and a coffee table consisting of two round tables of different heights.


All in all, transforming your home into a more luxurious place doesn’t mean spending a fortune. You just need to take another glance at your possessions and figure out a way to upgrade them. In programs like Live Home 3D, there is a walkthrough feature that lets you foresee the feeling of the planned interior design before any changes are made. It is an efficient method to utilize the available resources before you actually start spending money on your home upgrade or renovation.

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Published: December 2022