How to Share Your Interior Designs on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

Social media has become the most popular channel for spreading information. Facebook and YouTube are currently the largest social networks worldwide, according to data.

Statistics show that, in the first quarter of 2020, there were over 2.6 billion users of Facebook, 2 billion users of YouTube, and the number of active Twitter members has reached 330 million. The tendencies show constant growth of the user base of these social networks.

Monthly active users of social networks and messaging services
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Why not use the power of social networks for spreading the word about your interior design projects? If you are into renting apartments or offices, selling houses, providing interior design services or simply trying your hand at interior design, this article is for you. Live Home 3D provides easy ways of sharing your 3D views and video walkthroughs on social channels. This app runs on Windows 10, iOS, iPadOS and macOS platforms.

A country house with a garden designed in Live Home 3D

Share 3D Views and 360° 3D Panoramas to Facebook

Let’s start with Facebook. You can share both the 3D views and 360° 3D panoramas, with panoramas providing a better look at the interior, which is more exciting to observe.

In Live Home 3D for iOS / iPadOS, choose “Export > Share > 3D View / 3D View 360° panorama” and select “Facebook” among sharing options. You will automatically be directed to the Facebook post or story editing mode, and it will be ready in minutes.

Screenshot of a house made in Live Home 3D for iPadOS

In the Mac version, you need to click the Share button and select “Export to File,” choose the “3D View” or “3D View 360° panorama” and export it to a file. Then add this file to your Facebook post or story.

A screenshot of a kitchen with the Export to File dialog in Live Home 3D for Mac

In the Windows 10 version, the process is similar to the Mac version. Choose “Export > Export 3D view > 3D view” or “Export > Export 3D view > 3D panorama 360°” and save the graphic file. Then attach it to your Facebook post or story.

Share Video Walkthroughs to YouTube

There are multiple advantages to sharing video walkthroughs, and YouTube, with its 2 billion users, is just the right platform for doing this. This type of media is much more informative and impressive than still images, and the good thing is that posting videos on YouTube is really simple in Live Home 3D.

First, like you would do to shoot any video walkthrough, you need to set up a movie track and adjust the camera view. Once you are satisfied with the walkthrough, simply share it to YouTube following the instructions below. You may find these videos describing the video walkthrough creation process helpful.

In the Mac version, once you have set up a movie track, click the Share button and choose YouTube. Here is the screenshot illustrating the process.

A house floor plan with YouTube sharing in Live Home 3D for Mac

In the iOS, iPadOS and Windows versions, save a video walkthrough to your device and then upload it to YouTube.

Share 3D Views to Twitter

And, don’t forget about Twitter! This platform can also help you promote your work. In the Windows version, select “Export > Share > Twitter”; in the Mac version, “Share button > Twitter”; in the iOS / iPadOS version, “Export > Share > 3D View > Share > Twitter”.

A kitchen design with the Export dialog in Live Home 3D for Windows
Published: August 2020

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