How to Create a Custom View From the Window in Live Home 3D

Do you know that any photo can serve as a perfect view out of the windows in your interior design projects? Some of you may want a view of the yard, the actual street, a magnificent city or a stunning landscape. We’ll explain how views like these can be made in Live Home 3D.

A screenshot of an apartment in New York with great city view designed in Live Home 3D

There are several ways to accomplish this, and a lot depends on the edition you are using—Pro or Standard. The free version does not have the import features and, therefore, can not be used for this. We will show the whole process in the Mac version, but it will apply to the Windows, iOS and iPadOS versions as well.

Add a Background Image

The image you want to use as the background should be added to the Material Library of the app as a new material. The context menu in the Material Library is the best option to use for this.

Adding a new material to the Material Library of Live Home 3D for Mac

If you import an image by dragging and dropping it into a 3D view, you will be offered an option to import it as a material or as a 3D image. You should choose to import it as a material.

Don’t import it as a 3D image as you will get a so-called “sprite” object. This is a plain vertical image that turns in 3D view, depending on the viewpoint (you may see such objects in the Plants category of the Object Library). This image looks a bit dim and turns while you are moving in 3D, so it is not something you need for this purpose.

Adding a new material to the Material Library of Live Home 3D for Mac

Create a Surface for the Background

Once the material is in the Library, you can prepare a surface for it. If you use the Standard Edition of the app, you may create the surface by using the Box shape from the Object Library. For our project, we used the parameters shown in the screenshot. It is recommended that you disable the "Cast Shadow" option in the Object Properties tab for the added shape.

Creating the surface by using the Box shape from the Object Library of Live Home 3D for Mac

Pro Edition users may create the surface for the background image by either using the shapes or creating the building block of the appropriate size in 2D.

Creating the building block of the necessary size in the 2D view of Live Home 3D for Mac

Apply the Material

The material is added onto the surface by a simple drag and drop.

The New York city view image applied to the surface in the Live Home 3D Pro app for Mac

Adjust the Sun Location

It is very important to pay attention to the location of the Sun on the image. By rotating the Compass in the Light Properties tab of the Inspector, you may achieve the right direction for the shadows falling from the handrails or other objects. This will add a realistic touch to your design.

Adjusting shadow direction in Live Home 3D for Mac

As you can see, the process is really easy. Your photo or any image added to Live Home 3D will allow you to make great views of your interior design project!

The project used to illustrate this article can be downloaded at the bottom of the “Efficient Designs for a Tiny Home” article.

Revised: March 2023

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