10 Interior Design Trends 2021

Without a doubt, we’ve been lucky to witness the powerful reign of the Scandinavian style and light with its white or pale colors in every detail. This design tradition has been popular for many years already. However, with the course of time, the tendencies are changing. If you are into interior design, the following interior design trends will come in handy. They will help you stay on the wave and catch up with the modern trends which have become household words in the last couple of months.

Are you fascinated to get to know what the top 10 of the undoubted 2021 interior design trends are? Keep on reading to find out more about them!

Bold Colors

Living room with bold colors designed in Live Home 3D

Monochromatic solutions are going to rank in the interior design trends for years. However, their realization may differ: instead of pale colors, bold design becomes more and more popular. Dewberry Blue, Mulberry Purple, Kelly Green, etc.—juiciness and brightness is a way to evoke positive emotions and stay in a good mood all day long.

Earth Colors

Living room with earth colors designed in Live Home 3D

Among the leading interior design trends 2021, you can see a lot of color shifts. Nowadays, classic solutions are lagging behind earth-color configurations. Cool aristocratic tones give way for rich and warm shades of brown and chocolate. Yellow ochre, olive green, wine—these colors contribute to the overall home design feeling of coziness and hygge.

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Patterns & Textures

Stylish bathroom in green colors designed in Live Home 3D

Plain and simple patterns and textures are in the process of receding into the historical distance. Instead, modern interior design trends present consumers to choose from bright and multi-layer solutions. Forget about the rules and start creating—you are welcome to make unusual color-mixes and patterns-combinations. A single design may include steel, marble, and mesh polyester elements.

Rounded Furniture

Cozy living room with fireplace designed in Live Home 3D

Curly shapes are implemented in furniture production. Strict forms are still relevant, but pieces with soft and rounded shapes are more beneficial decisions. With their introduction into the design, you will be able to add special grace, warmness, and delicacy to your home interior style.


Stylish kitchen in terrazzo style created in Live Home 3D

Originally from Venice, terrazzo was created as a cost-saving measure. This building material consists of stone, marble, and glass pieces that are poured into a single canvas with cement. For its special spectacular appearance, it is often called the mosaic floor. In the coming years, the trend to add terrazzo style elements into the interior design will gain momentum.

'70s Style

A room designed in 70's style in Live Home 3D

History repeats itself, that’s for sure. So, there is nothing weird and surprising in the fact that the ’70s style is returning its power in 2021. The already mentioned terrazzo and rounded furniture, as well as the preference of juicy and warm colors like yellow and orange shades—these features are only the smallest part of what you can do to match one of the interior design trends.

The favorite color of a bygone epoch is brown. A variety of smooth chocolate shades will be a great solution. A huge fluffy blanket will soften the room’s atmosphere, while gold glimpses in the chandelier and furniture fittings will add warmth and coziness.

Vintage Maximalism

A vintage living room with fireplace designed in Live Home 3D

Overwhelming elements may create a flatness and bad taste impression. However, the combination of bohemian and eclectic touches, several antiques, and numerous warm colors will function extremely well as one of the interior design trends 2021.

Two-Tone Kitchens

A stylish two tone kitchen designed in Live Home 3D

Forget about casual white kitchens and welcome two-color designs! One of the interior design trends 2021 can be realized in different textures as well. It is not necessarily to start with too-bright bold colors—two-tone kitchens allow achieving the effect of delicacy and charm, showing your individual taste.

Concealed Kitchens

A concealed kitchen design made in Live Home 3D

The more rationally space is used, the more beneficial interior design will be. Nowadays, the number of things individuals have in the kitchen can exceed one hundred items easily. That’s why it is so important to create a design to make each piece have its own place. At the same time, it is important to save the feeling of freedom in a zone.

Tables may have concealed compartments for the storage of various things. Closets can perform as an office place. Also, nowadays it is a great idea to combine two rooms into one to save space. All the equipment like the kitchen hood or oven will be hidden by special outer platforms, so you can easily use your kitchen as a dining room with a living area.

Indoor Gardens

An interior design with indoor garden made in Live Home 3D app

A lot of modern interior design trends 2021 are dedicated to save space and make each meter more functional than ever before. Indoor gardens will allow you to kill two birds with one stone.

First of all, this decision is a great contribution to improving the inner environment at your premises. Plants will produce oxygen and contribute to air purifying, and also indicate whether the environment is great. Secondly, it is the next level of placing indoor plants. With their help, a previously unused space like underneath a staircase room will play out in fresh colors.

Without a doubt, it is an awesome way to reunite with nature and better understand its needs. Easy in realization, this design trick will help you use your creativity to the full extent. Want to make a tropic oasis at home? If so, you will be on the same wavelength with interior design trends 2021!

Revised: January 2021

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