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Discover the terrain editing functionality of Live Home 3D Pro that makes it a perfect garden design app. Create projects of various complexity levels with the help of the effective terrain modeling tools, work in both 2D and 3D and walk through your true-to-life garden in Live Home 3D Pro.

Live Home 3D garden design app opened on Mac and iPhone devices


Live Home 3D is a multi-platform exterior and home design app for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, visionOS and Windows. With at least one licensed version, you can share the results and adjust the project on another device of yours that uses a different platform, even with a free version of the app. For instance, save and send the design created on a Mac to your iPhone or iPad and project a 3D garden into real-world surroundings using AR.

Live Home 3D garden design software opened on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad devices

Elevation Tools for a Complex Design

Creating a garden with complex topography has never been so easy! The three special tools of Live Home 3D Pro: Elevation Line, Elevation Spline and Elevation Point allow you to make an uneven ground surface, such as a slope or terrace. Add bumps, depressions and paths to customize your garden project. Effortlessly create straight or curved lines, modify their shape and smooth out the curved lines for the best 3D performance.

A screenshot showcasing the terrain editing process in 2D view opened in Live Home 3D for Mac

Garden Planning

With Live Home 3D, you can lay out your future garden and manage the plants with ease. You can pick plants from the library and choose their representation on the 2D plan to create a vivid picture of a future garden design. And, the custom image feature allows you to upload pictures of your own.

A Plethora of Plants to Choose From

Live Home 3D Pro is a home and garden design app containing a rich collection of greenery: from a large variety of flowers and trees to vertical gardens and bushes of different geometrical shapes. Drag and drop plants on the 2D plan view, effortlessly change their representation and resize and rotate objects to create a balanced garden design of any type: formal, informal or wild.

A screenshot of the garden and the library of plants in 3D view opened in Live Home 3D for Windows

Rich Library of Materials and Outdoor Objects

Customize your garden design with the program's rich outdoor object collection, which includes a wide range of flower beds, benches, carports, greenhouses, garden arches and pavilions, as well as bridges, hammocks, gates, fireplaces, BBQ complexes, complete outdoor lounge sets and much more!

A screenshot of a garden and the library of outdoor objects in 3D view opened in Live Home 3D for Mac

Add Pathways to Your Garden

Whether you want to show a part of a road passing near your property, approach to the garage or a pathway in a garden, the Pathway tool comes in handy. Conveniently add pathways at almost any stage of the design process. The auto elevation option helps to add a path on the ground with just a few clicks, and various tools in Live Home 3D Pro can help you make unique pathways, for example, by changing the elevation of a pathway at the selected point or choosing the shape of a pathway in a corner.

A screenshot showcasing the work with pathways in split-mode in Live Home 3D for Mac

Choose Your Own Way of Working with Live Home 3D

Change the color and material of any object by either dragging and dropping a certain color or material onto an object's part, replacing a material in the Inspector or using the material picker. Various solutions are designed to help you find the most convenient way to operate on any device: desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad or Vision Pro.

A screenshot showcasing how to change the color of an object in Live Home 3D for iPhone and iPad

Create a Pond

The Pit Rect and Pit Poly tools let you define an area below the ground level. You can customize the depth of the specified area and modify the shape of the pit to make a unique pond for your garden design or simply choose a necessary pond from the library.

A screenshot showcasing how to create a pond in Live Home 3D for Mac

Work in 2D and 3D

Work on your perfect garden in 2D plan view and switch to 3D view to check the results or walk through your garden. And, the split-mode allows you to operate in 2D and 3D simultaneously!

A screenshot of a garden design opened in the split-mode in Live Home 3D for Mac

Achieve a Photorealistic Effect

Live Home 3D Pro enables users of Mac computers to export stunningly realistic 3D views. Make a highly true-to-life garden with the help of the photo-realistic, offline, ray-tracing rendering technology powered by AMD Radeon™ ProRender.

Modern garden created and rendered in Live Home 3D for Mac.
Created in Live Home 3D

Multiple Import and Export Options

Seamlessly download new objects from the Trimble 3D Warehouse™ and import or export models of your garden in SH3D, COLLADA, FBX, OBJ and 3DS formats. When your garden is ready, you can export it in various ways: as floor plans, screenshots, 3D models and even high-quality, ultra HD video files.

The screenshot of the house with the pool in 2D view designed in Live Home 3D for Mac

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