Live Home 3D Workspace

The Inspector

The Inspector gathers settings of different types of objects.

To open the Inspector, press Cmd-I, or use the Window > Show Inspector menu command. The View button in the toolbar lets you show or hide the Inspector, and also detach it from the main window.

In the Object Properties and Building Properties tabs, you can click on a letter in the image at the top to quickly jump to the corresponding parameter.

The Object Properties Tab

The Object Properties tab contains properties of most objects.

The Inspector dynamically changes the set of controls depending on what object type is selected.

The Materials Tab

The Object Materials tab lists materials that are applied to a selected object.

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The 2D Properties Tab

The 2D Properties tab lets you specify the appearance of objects in the 2D Plan and 2D Elevation views. There are also text formatting tools.

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The Camera Properties Tab

The Camera Properties tab lists pre-defined, custom and movie cameras, and lets you set up their properties.

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Light Properties

The Light Properties tab allows you to adjust light sources, and to set up the time of day and geographic location in order to simulate daylight.

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Building Properties

The Building Properties tab lets you add and remove stories and auto roofs.

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