Working with Materials

Material Picker

The Material Picker tool is used to copy a material from one object to another instead of searching for this material in the library. If two objects allow you to apply the Tile Transform tool, the Material Picker also copies the transformation settings.

To activate the Material Picker tool, click its button in the Object Materials tab of the Inspector.


To copy a material:

  1. Open the Object Materials tab of the Inspector.
  2. Open the 3D or 2D Plan view. Make sure that the objects you will copy from and to are visible, or you can easily show one and then another.
  3. Select the destination object which will receive a material. Its material(s) will be listed in the Inspector. Select one that you want to replace.
  4. Activate the Material Picker.
  5. Click on the source object to pick one of its materials.
  6. Click the Material Picker button again to deactivate the tool.

When you point with the tool at an object, its material is displayed in the Inspector to the right of the Material Picker button.