Working with Objects

Aligning and Distributing Objects

You can arrange objects in the layout using the Align and Distribute commands located in the Arrange menu. The Align and Distribute buttons can be added to the toolbar using the Customize Toolbar dialog.

These commands work with most object types when the floor plan is activated.

In the 2D Elevation view, you can arrange doors, windows, openings, niches and wall panels if they are inserted into the same wall. (Pro edition only)

It is important to make sure that the objects you want to arrange are not locked. You can verify this using the Project Tree.

Some objects, such as walls, cannot be aligned or distributed.

Aligning Objects

The Align commands place objects' centers or edges in a line.

To align objects, you should select at least two of them.

When you align edges, objects are aligned to the edge of the outermost one. When you align centers, objects are centered in the middle between the two outermost objects.

Distributing Objects

The Distribute Spacing commands make the gaps between the selected objects equal.

The Distribute Centers commands make the distance between centers of the selected objects equal.

To distribute objects, select three or more objects.

When you distribute objects, only the ones in the middle will change their location. The top and bottom objects (when distributed vertically) or the left and right (when distributed horizontally) stay in the original locations. Thus, you should place the two objects on the sides properly, then select them with objects in the middle, and finally, run one of the Distribute commands.