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Working with Objects

Editing Objects in Trimble SketchUp™

Objects from the standard library and imported objects can be edited in Trimble SketchUp™. You should install this software on your computer (editing with the online version is not supported).

The functionality described in this section is only available in the Pro edition.

To edit an object:

  1. Right-click on an object and choose Edit in Trimble SketchUp™…
  2. Modify the object in Trimble SketchUp™.
  3. Choose File > Save in the menu of Trimble SketchUp™.
  4. Click Finish in Live Home 3D to replace the original object with its edited version.

Note that the editing is possible only when an object has the Furniture type. In order to edit a window, door or staircase, you should convert the object to Furniture in the Type and Representation dialog, edit it, and then restore the original type.

After opening an object in Trimble SketchUp™ and getting it back to your project, the program will treat such an object as a new unique one even if you didn't edit it. For that reason, don't send an object back to the project if you haven't edited it. If a project contains multiple copies of an object that should be modified in the same way, edit one copy and duplicate it in the project. This will reduce the number of unique objects in the project keeping the program performance at a higher level.

There is an alternative way to edit an object. Export it as a 3D model in the SketchUp format. Edit it. You should then import the edited model to your project. The procedure to export objects is described in the Exporting a 3D Model section.