Free 3D Modeling Software

There are many ways to prepare your house plans and designs: you can draw them on paper, order them from a design agency or design them yourself using your computer. The most convenient and contemporary way is to create floor plans and design a house on a computer or tablet. With home design software available on the market, it is really easy to make a super realistic interior design!

Modern interior design in Live Home 3D app

Since the right furniture is of utmost importance for proper interior design solution, it is critical to find the appropriate furniture object. Some apps, such as Live Home 3D for Windows, macOS and iOS, come with a collection of furniture objects and offer integration with Trimble 3D Warehouse™, in which you can find thousands of free 3D models. This will be enough for most of us.

Sometimes, however, it is necessary to modify the furniture objects to make an exact replica of the real furniture items you have or are going to purchase. For this, free and paid 3D modeling software can be used. Following are the free 3D model editors we usually recommend to our users.

Free 3D Modeling Programs

Sketchup logo

SketchUp Free is one of the most popular free online 3D modeling software programs out there. It is quite easy and many people use it for modifying their 3D objects. You can edit your 3D design online and have SketchUp projects with you wherever you go.

Blender logo

Blender is a free open source 3D creation suite. It allows you to model, animate, simulate and render 3D projects. Composition and motion tracking, video editing and game creation are also possible using Blender. We consider Blender to be the most advanced free 3D modeling app available, and we sure recommend it!

We believe that free 3D modeling programs will be enough, but you can go further and have a look at the following paid apps as well:

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