Psychology of Colors in Interior Design

When creating an interior design, any professional or amateur should bear in mind dozens of details and pay attention to every element of the project design. Apart from the choice of suitable materials, selecting furniture and planning its placement, it is extremely important to decide which color palette to use.

A stylish brathroom in green color designed in Live Home 3D
Designed in Live Home 3D.

It is no secret that people perceive the majority of information surrounding them through their eyes. Taking this into account, the psychological effects of color in interior design shouldn’t be underestimated. Abandoning his/her own preferences, a designer should clearly understand the purpose of the room and select the styles that would help create the desired mood.

The number of shades is literally endless. To investigate the influence of each tone is “mission impossible,” but common colors that lead the hue hierarchy are simple to track. What is the meaning of color in interior design? Let’s find out!

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This color charges one with energy and is a symbol of purity and clarity. However, in the long-term, monochromatic white interiors will negatively influence the body systems’ work, so it is advised to add some bright accents or use it as a shade to complement another tone.

A white sofa with flowers and a window


This restrained tone creates a melancholic and soft mood and promotes a feeling of warmth. This earth color symbolizes safety and family hearth, so it is ideal for cozy home interior designs.

An interior design in brown color with a brown sofa


The neutrality of gray offers a wide range of options. Apart from being a gorgeous background color, it is a nice solution for offices and business centers. Gray can also brighten other tones.

A bathroom designed in gray color


Without a doubt, green is a color of nature, trees and the wild. It doesn’t tire the eyes, and it calms an irritated nervous system. The effect of green on an individual helps to banish negative thoughts and encourage meditation. By promoting calm and health, green also improves the work of the cardiovascular system and helps to prevent diseases from occurring.

Green is multifunctional and one of the most widely used colors. This palette works well for living rooms, offices, kitchens, restaurants, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. However, to avoid spoiling the calming effect, it is better to not to use tones that are too vivid.

A living room design in green color with a white sofa


To understand the influence of blue on people, take your cues from nature. Just think about your impressions and emotions when you look at the sky or the sea. This color stimulates human thinking. It is a cool shade and has a calming effect on the body. Once again, however, less is more.

Blue and its various tones is the best palette for bedrooms and bathrooms. In combination with green, red and orange, you can create a loft style look and feel.

A living room designed in blue and white colors


This color is beloved by energetic people. It has a powerful effect on the nervous system, strengthening and stimulating mental abilities, awakening curiosity, keeping the body in tonus, etc. We recommend yellow for kitchens but not for children's rooms.

A kitchen with yellow furniture


Many experts believe that such a hue has a positive influence on career growth and business activity. Moreover, orange stimulates a person's concentration and brain activity and has a beneficial effect on the endocrine, respiratory and digestive systems.

The best space for orange hues is the living room and other places where a friendly atmosphere is desired. If you use this color for kitchens, it will stimulate your appetite. However, orange is one of the last choices for babies, since it proves to be too irritating over the long term.

Dining room in orange hues


Rich shades of red or scarlet allow you to feel a burst of energy and vigor. This fire color promotes actions, decision-making and a conscious view of the situation. If you want to focus someone’s attention on a particular décor, then it is a nice idea to start with a neutral design and add bright details in red.

Kichen in red, gray and white colors


According to color therapy, pink helps restore bone tissues, relieve stress and fatigue and helps with insomnia. It is often associated with something sweet and girlish. If you want to design a room for a little princess, this may be the color for you.

A pink baby room


This tone provokes high contemplation and meditation. Some specialists are convinced the reason for such an effect is that the wavelength of the color that comes into resonance with the corresponding fluctuations in the human brain. However, purple can be very complicated to use. The practice shows that 80% of clients refuse to use this shade in interior design.

Purple is very appealing when combined with white, red, blue, brown and gray. The main characteristic associated with this tone is richness, but it is necessary to keep a balance. It can be used in any room, but specialists prefer using purple for bright accents instead of the entire style of the space.

A bathroom in purple hues


Even though it is the darkest hue, black is your best companion if you want to create an atmosphere of luxury and rigor. An excess of this color may be too irritating, but if a balance is found, it will also add calmness to your interior.

Black blends perfectly with other colors and can even accentuate them. It is best used for such accent pieces as photo frames, vases and lamps.

A stylish living room in black and white colors


A professional designer can play with colors to evoke particular emotions in the consumer. The psychology of colors in interior design is a powerful source of inspiration for those who want to go beyond monochromatic style projects.

Home design apps like Live Home 3D are really helpful when you need to practice with color. In this special software, colors and materials can be changed by simply dragging and dropping. Taking a closer look at the interior in different colors will simplify decision-making and assist in achieving perfection.

A blue baby room designed in Live Home 3D on an iPad
Revised: March 2023

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