Working with Objects

Using Values from Laser Measurers

You can use a laser measuring device together with Live Home 3D. The dimensions of walls, furniture and other objects can be transferred from the device to the app and applied to corresponding 3D models. The device must have a Bluetooth module. The following models are supported:

Set up the Bluetooth Connection

In order to receive data from an external device, you should allow Live Home 3D to use Bluetooth. This can be done in the Settings of your iOS or iPadOS device.

In the Program Settings, open the Import section and switch on the Receive measurements option in the Bluetooth Measuring Tools section. You'll be asked to enable Bluetooth connections if you haven't done this so far.

Settings for importing data from a laser measuring device

Turn on the Bluetooth module of the measuring device. Refer to the user's manual of the device for any details.

Tap on Measuring device in the Bluetooth Measuring Tools section in order to select your measuring device.

The list of measuring devices accessible via Bluetooth

For the final step, which is optional, select how many of the most recent measurements you wish to access.

Using Measured Values

Object properties that can use measured values have the following icon The button which opens the list of recently measured values. You can see it in the Inspector near fields with object dimensions.

The Inspector has buttons near text fields to insert measured values

In order to apply a measured value, tap on the corresponding icon near the text field. The app will bring up a list of the most recently measured values. Tap on a value to paste it into the field. A value that you already used will have a tick mark.

The list of measured values

As long as your measuring device stays connected, you can make more measurements. The list of measured values will be updated automatically showing the last value at the top.