Working with Projects

Creating and Opening Projects

To create a new project or open one you saved earlier, you should use the Project Gallery.

Project gallery

The gallery opens up by default when you start the app for the first time. You can also open the Project Gallery by selecting it in the menu.

Menu button

Create a New Project

Choose the Create Document option or tap the plus button at the top. The app will open the gallery of templates where you can choose a blank project, or a sample project.

Any template has the default setting (measurement units, scale and so on). It is recommended that you verify the settings before starting your work. You should open the menu and select Settings. Then choose the Project section.

You can choose to save the settings of the current project as the default ones for new projects.

Open a Project

The Project Gallery lists all available projects. Tap on one you want to open.

Notice that your files can be stored on iCloud Drive or on your device. You can select the storage in the Locations section. Make sure that you are looking for your documents at the right place.