Working with Projects

Saving Projects

The app saves projects automatically so users don't have to take any actions. The currently open project will be saved when you open the Project Gallery, or switch to another app or to the Home screen.

You have the option to save your project in the Native Bundle format (.lh3d), or in the compressed format Zipped Archive (.lhzd). The Zipped Archive format was designed to share your project with Live Home 3D for Windows, email your project, share it on the Internet, or store it on a non-Mac drive. You can change the format in the Project section of Settings.

The default storage for your documents can be changed in your device Settings. Select Live Home 3D in the left pane of the Settings. Then tap on Document Storage to bring up the list of available options. In many cases, you can choose either your device or iCloud Drive.

There is also the Locations list in the Project Gallery. It lets you choose a location before you create a new project.

The Save Supplied Content option in the Project section of the Settings panel lets you choose whether to save actual objects from the standard library in your project, or save only links to these objects in the library. Whatever you choose, it will not affect the way you work with the project. Saving objects in the project guarantees that it will not be dependent on the version of the app (the contents of the library may change by a major update). On the other hand, projects that store only links to objects can take less disk space. Modified and imported objects used in the project will always be saved in the project.

If you plan to view the project on a computer where Live Home 3D is not installed, export your project as graphic files.