Creating Screenshots and Videos

Creating and Modifying Movie Tracks in the 2D Plan View

A movie track is a path on the floor plan along which a camera moves while a movie is being created. Any movie track consists of at least two movie cameras. They are used to define the ends of the movie track. More movie cameras can be added in the middle of the track to set points where the track should turn left or right. Therefore, when you are creating a movie track, you are actually adding movie cameras, and the program links them with a line which visualizes the track.

Although the floor plan is flat, the movie track also has the elevation. It can be adjusted for each movie camera individually by using the Inspector.

Creating a Movie Track

To start creating a movie track, choose the Movie Track tool from the Auxiliaries tool set. Click on the floor plan where the movie track should start. To add intermediate points on the track (if necessary), make several more clicks. Double-click where the movie track should end.

Camera tool

Movie cameras have an arrow-shaped icon which shows the direction of the movie track. A selected movie camera displays its controls and frustum.

Create track

1 – The first movie camera at the beginning of the movie track.

2 – A movie track segment is a part of the movie track between two cameras.

3 – An intermediate movie camera. There can be many of them or none.

4 – The last movie camera at the end of the movie track. The camera is selected so that you can operate on its controls.

The locations of movie cameras, the shape of track segments and the directions of cameras can be changed after creating the track. You can draw a movie track roughly, then adjust the curvature of the track, and the location and orientation of cameras. It is also possible to add or delete movie cameras.

While you are creating a movie track, you move the cursor around to find the position for a new movie camera. The two segments before and after the last added movie camera will change their shape according to the current position of the cursor.

Create track without the Option key

By holding down the Option key, you can allow the program to change the shape of only the new segment.

Create track with the Option key

Adding Movie Cameras to a Movie Track

To add a new movie camera before or after a camera on a movie track, right-click on this camera to bring up the context menu and choose either Add Camera After or Add Camera Before.

Removing a Movie Camera

To remove a movie camera, select it on the floor plan and press the Delete key.

You can also select a camera in the Inspector by its name and click the Delete button below the list.

Removing a Movie Track

To remove a movie track, select it on the floor plan (click on a segment, not on a camera) and press the Delete key.

Also, you can select a movie track in the Inspector and click the Delete button below the list.

Changing the Location of a Movie Camera

To change the location of a movie camera, drag it to a new place as you do with other objects. By moving a camera, you will also change the shape of the movie track segments before and after the camera.

Movie Camera Controls

To display the movie camera controls, click on this camera on the floor plan or in the Inspector.

Movie camera controls

1 – Handles are used to change the movie track direction.

2 – Movie camera handle.

3 – Movie camera direction handle.

Adjusting the Direction of a Movie Camera

To rotate a movie camera, move its direction handle around.

Adjusting the Curvature of Movie Track Segments

To change the curvature of the segments before and after a movie camera, rotate one of the movie track direction handles. The segments will change their shape together.

If you cannot achieve the desired movie track shape, add more cameras.