The Library of Objects

Object Information in the Library

The Item Info dialog shows information about an object selected in the library. To open the dialog, double-click on an object in the library.

The data that is displayed in the dialog can be modified if a selected object was added by a user. The information on objects supplied with the program cannot be changed.

The Title is the object name shown in the library below the object thumbnail.

The Description field can be used for additional information. It will be displayed as a pop-up hint when the mouse pointer is placed over the object thumbnail.

The name selected in the Manufacturer drop-down list will be shown together with the company logo in the 3D preview box of the library when the object is selected. If the object does not have an actual prototype, or if the manufacturer is unknown or not listed, select “Unknown” for this field.

Information in the Keywords box is used by the search tool. Use the space symbol to separate keywords.

The Thumbnail section allows you to preview the object's thumbnail and change it (for custom objects only).

The thumbnail can be made as a snapshot of the 3D object. To update it, click the Change button. Use the mouse to rotate the object in the box. Then click OK.

When you add a new object to the library, the program allows you to enter information into the Item Info dialog.