Space-Saving Furniture

Aspiration for minimalism and the growing popularity of studio apartments creates a demand for smart and compact furnishings. The number of folding, transforming and extendable items available on the market is so large that it is quite easy to get lost among the rather costly furniture neighboring the affordable pieces. So, what is worth investing in? Let’s find out.

Wall-mounted dining table in a studio apartment.

Bed Frame With Storage

When we think about space-efficient furniture in the bedroom, the first thing that comes to mind is storage units under the bed. They can be used to store blankets, duvets, bedding and other items. Some of the smart bed frame options even include outer shelving to display books or decorative items.

Large bed with a storage section in a bed frame.
Designed in Live Home 3D.

Don’t forget that storage units fit not only under king- and queen-sized beds, but even under the smallest cots. Get a crib with additional storage to save space in a nursery or to make it feel less cluttered.

A crib with a storage section in a light nursery.

Space-Efficient Nightstand

Another bedroom space-saver is a mounted nightstand. By substituting a regular bedside table with a mounted one, not only will you obtain a smart solution for a limited space, but also benefit from creating a more sleek and modern design.

A wooden mounted nightstand.
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Hideaway Dressing Table

A built-in closet is an option favored by many, and for a good reason: such a closet leaves the room feeling more spacious while being functional by fitting in a lot of clothing. However, it can also be upgraded to an even smarter and more efficient furniture item if you put a hideaway dressing table inside of the closet.

Hideaway dressing table in a light bedroom.

Space-Saving Desk

If you need to arrange a home office or a study spot but don’t have a dedicated room for it, or you cannot allocate enough square footage inside a certain room for this purpose, a wall-mounted desk can solve this problem. It does not occupy a lot of space and can serve as a decorative shelf when not used for its intended purpose.

Mounted desk in a home office or a study zone.

Stair Drawers

Stairs might not be among the most obvious space-saving furniture options; however, there are at least a couple of ways in which stairs can be used for storage. Firstly, storage can be hidden under the stairs, fitting the whole wardrobe inside. A second benefit would be stair drawers, which can be used as a means of storing shoes or other items, depending on the room and necessity.

Bunk beds with stair drawers.

Coffee Table and Ottoman Chair

Besides a small retractable sofa that you can put in a living room for the sake of space efficiency, a coffee table with a hidden or an open storage can be a worthy investment. A cozy ottoman is an integral element of a modern living room, while some of its variations can also fit a few warm blankets inside.

Modern living room designed in Live Home 3D.
Designed in Live Home 3D.

Wall-Mounted Dining Table

When designing a small kitchen, we normally do not want to eliminate any of the handy appliances that make up a formidable percentage of our daily comfort. So, an ordinary wall-mounted table is a smart and convenient solution, especially when accompanied by kitchen stools that can be tucked under the dining table to save even more space.

Wall-mounted white dining table with fancy cyan blue chairs.

Extendable and Folding Tables

There are other clever dining and study table types, including extendable and folding items. An extendable table increases its size by means of an extra retractable part positioned in the middle. A folding table can be collapsed in half, making it more portable and space efficient. Some of the available options can even fold into the wall, leaving the space completely unoccupied when the table is not being used.

White folding table with chairs.

Over-the-Toilet Shelf

As a design solution, traditional cupboards and shelves over the toilet do seem a little bit old-fashioned and bulky-looking. But not their modernized versions! Stylish open shelving hanging above the toilet or a decorative ladder placed behind it can store toiletries, replacing a cabinet that takes up a lot of bathroom space.

Over-the-toilet shelf in a modern bathroom.

Smart Clothes Rack

Don’t have space for a cupboard in the hallway of an apartment? No big deal. Opt for a clothes rack to hang outerwear and store shoes. This piece of furniture does all you need─looks fancy and saves space.

Smart clothes rack in a hallway.

Storage Cart

The space-saving function of a storage cart lies in its multi-purpose usage and portability. It can switch between functioning as a bedside table, a bookshelf in the study or an office zone of the room, storage for bath products, etc. Effortlessly moving it around the apartment will allow you to find the best position and purpose for the cart at any particular moment.

Storage cart functioning as a bedside table.

Space-Saving Furniture in Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D offers a plethora of smart and compact furniture options for small rooms and apartments, including kitchen sets, cupboards, dressers, sofas, dining tables and more. Draw inspiration from the free sample layouts of tiny apartments and use the space-efficient furniture for your own designs.

Tiny apartment designed in Live Home 3D.
A studio apartment layout available in Live Home 3D.

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Revised: May 2023