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Bedroom Design Ideas

One does not have to be a certified designer to understand how important it is to find the bedroom design solution that could best turn your dreams into reality. Here are some tips that will help you convert your bedroom design ideas into the perfect bedroom layout.

It’s great that you have an opportunity to try implementing your ideas right away with the help of special design apps like Live Home 3D. It has ready made bedroom templates, so you may find your desired bedchamber right away!

Still, with or without an app, you may still want to create your own design. In this case, the following guidance may come in handy.

Stylish bedroom design

Arrange a Seating Area for Reading

Today’s bedroom must be multifunctional, so arranging a cozy nook for reading there will extend your pleasant hours in your bedroom. That’s why you should consider comfortable sofas, armchairs, backless couches, puffs and benches.

Elegant bedroom design with reading area

Elegant Photos

Inserting some artistically designed photos into your bedroom design can be that emotional touch that you seek.

A bedroom with elegant photos on the walls
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Match Bedding and Curtains

Matching your bedding and curtains can play an important harmonious role in your bedroom design. The mood and the main theme of it should become the focus of your attention.

A bedroom design with flower wallpaper

Add More Pillows

A pillow is a creative accessory that affords aesthetic pleasure and helps to recreate a comfortable ambience in the bedroom. Be creative with the number, decor and methods of placement of your pillows.

Using many pillows is a cool bedroom design idea

Add Creative Artwork

While accentuating a section of your bedroom—be it the bed, wall, ceiling or anything else—the use of artwork can raise your interior design to a whole new level.

A bedroom design with creative artwork

Choose a Dim Light to Relax

Experts say that bedroom lighting should be soft and warm. To create a relaxing atmosphere before bedtime, dim your lighting units.

A bedroom in a dim light

Use a Soft Rug

If you wish to step out of bed comfortably, use this important decor accessory. The rug helps to convey a unique design style and makes the sense of touch especially sweet.

A bedroom in light colors

Add Flowers

To vivify and brighten up the vibes, just add an artistic vase with flowers, and make sure it matches the rest of the bedroom decor.

A bedroom with flowers

Declutter Your Bedroom

Work on keeping the bedroom clean and remove clutter to release the harmony of the room. Think about giving away all the stuff you don’t necessarily need and brighten other people’s lives.

Bedroom design made in Live Home 3D
Designed in Live Home 3D.

Experiment with Unusual Color Combination

If you think that pink clashes with mint green or cobalt blue, and the mixture of gray and orange seems offensive to your senses, then your idea of bedroom interior design may suffer from a lack of creativity and imagination. Put aside those boring traditional color schemes and, believe us, contrast can also rule!

A bedroom with unusual color combinations

Choose Some Unique Color

Applying a monochromatic color scheme may be the exact formula for your bedroom, as the shades of a certain color produce an effect of harmony. Blue offers a relaxing and calm harmony, green shades convey the impression of vitality, and purple conjures up a feeling of luxury. Follow your intuition to find the very color you need!

A bedroom in purple colors

Use Textures

In interior design, texture is probably the most underestimated component. Luckily, now it is “in” again, and you have a powerful instrument to add chic decor to your bedroom.

A bedroom in gray tones with a textured wall

Choose a New Color for Your Walls

A calm, relaxing palette is always trendy, but in order to prevent making your bedroom spiritless, it can be mixed with more vivid colors. That is the best solution to create an accent wall in your bedroom and make it radiate good vibes.

A bedroom with orange walls

Use a Canopy

A canopy, originally invented to conserve heat and provide privacy, is one of the key trends as part of classic bedroom decor ideas. If there’s enough space and natural light in your bedroom, using a canopy bed will spice up your bedroom decor.

A bedroom design with a canopy

Install a Vanity Stand

Want more luxury? Then a classical Victorian vanity stand is the right decision for you. But, it also can be quite modern and minimalistic. It’s up to you to decide.

Modern vanity stand designed in Live Home 3D
Designed in Live Home 3D.

Make a Creative Headboard

The headboard is the midpoint of your bedroom and can visually expand the space. It can also serve as a creative casket for your books. So, don’t restrain your imagination, as the choice of size, style, forms and materials have no limits here.

A stylish bedroom with creative headboard

Follow Feng Shui Tips

Chinese geomancy feng shui (“wind-water”) is the art of bringing your home into harmony with the help of energy forces. For many designers, it becomes an effective guide for furniture placement and color selection.

Another critical element of feng shui is decluttering, as it is important for the right circulation of chi—the energy running through your body. According to feng shui, you should also place the back of the bed against a wall and never let it face the entrance to the room, which is crucial for effective air flow. Read about feng shui principles.

A bedroom designed according to Facebook principles

Design Your Bedroom in a Bedroom Design App

Now that we’ve offered a long list of suggestions, I’d like to remind you that it is convenient and helpful to design your bedroom with the help of a bedroom design app. Live Home 3D can help you plan an interior space from the very beginning right through to incredible results.

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Revised: March 2023