Live Home 3D Workspace

The Project Gallery

The Project Gallery is a collection of pre-designed projects. They are intended to learn how the software works, and show what can be created in the program. Projects are grouped into several categories. There is also the possibility to browse and open projects that you edited recently.

When you start the program for the first time, it opens the Project Gallery automatically. You can deactivate this by using the Show Project Gallery on start-up option in the Miscellaneous tab of the Preferences.

To open the Project Gallery at any time, use the File > New From Gallery… menu command.

In order to open any project, double-click on its preview.

The procedure for creating a custom template is explained in the Saving Projects section. To delete a custom template, select the Custom Templates category, and then click on an arrow icon to the right of the category name. The Finder will show your templates. You can delete them as regular files.

The program opens any template as a new document. If you modify it and choose to save it, the program will create a new file keeping the original template intact.