Bathroom Design Ideas

As essential as a bathroom is to a house, it can be one of the most difficult rooms to design. This most popular room in the house by far surely needs to be both stylish and comfortable. Still thinking about how to achieve the look? No worries, here we are with some trendy design ideas to help you create your dream bathroom!

Spa bathroom designed and rendered in Live Home 3D.
Designed in Live Home 3D.

Monochromatic Elegance

Whether traditional, modern or retro, a black & white bathroom is a simple yet infallible choice. Out of all of the most trendy ideas for black & white bathrooms, we will highlight a few interesting ones.

Striped Bathroom

A black and white vertical striped tile, flooring or both will definitely draw attention and make your bathroom look original. Splashes of your favorite color in decor will complement the look.

A black and white bathroom with splashes of green color

Geometric Pattern

Another trendy choice for a monochromatic bathroom is geometric designs. Again, this pattern can be a great solution for tile or flooring, but it’s important not to overdo the “geometry.” Pick a simple tile if you want to design your bathroom with an unusual flooring, or choose one-color flooring to highlight the geometric tile.

A black and white bathroom with checkered floor
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Keeping It Simple to Stand Out

Minimalist tendencies currently prevail in the most trendy design solutions. Well, doesn’t the idea of achieving more by putting in less seem alluring? Here are some ideas for a simple, minimalist bathroom.

Manifest Your Favorite Color

Sticking to one color is a great option for a minimalist bathroom, especially a small one. It will give your design a tasteful look with minimal effort. Have a look at this purple-themed bathroom to get inspiration.

A bathroom in purple hues

Creative Bathroom Essentials

Artificial lighting can elevate your bathroom design just as natural light does. Make your bathroom unique with original pendant lights that suit your personal taste. If pendant lights don’t match your taste at all, you can incorporate lighting into a wall panel or put it behind the mirror. Also, adding multiple mirrors of an unusual shape will be an interesting and fresh solution for your bathroom design.

A bathroom in light gray hues

Luxury Aesthetic

Not all of us are admirers of simplicity and understated interior designs. Your bathroom is the place where you can relax and pamper yourself, not only with handmade perfumed soaps and scented candles, but also with the majestic surroundings of luxurious bathroom design. The aesthetic of luxury exists in various types to fit personal needs and satisfy different tastes in interior style. Let’s consider some options we have for luxury lovers.


Elegant and sophisticated—a dark bathroom is definitely a statement and a bold option for a large bathroom. The most prominent dark bathroom interiors include black marble as the major design element. Unfortunately, its mesmerizing look is quite difficult to maintain. Black porcelain tiles with a marble effect can be a sustainable solution here. Wisely chosen lighting sources and decoration along with white ceilings will help to dilute the effects of the overwhelming dark atmosphere.

A black marble bathroom


As opposed to the strong and bold style of the dark-themed bathroom, a spa-like bathroom fascinates by exuding light and calm. Mix and match different tiles and be sure to incorporate wooden materials into your design. Resort to shades of brown, white and cream to get a luxurious flair. Placing a large bath on pebbles is a popular trend that will work perfectly with the overall spa bathroom design. You can choose a combination of a wet room and a bath if there’s enough space to have both. Oh, and this bathroom design style cannot exist without greenery, so be sure to add some plants. Depending on the size of your bathroom, it can be vertical planters or even little gardens.

A spa bathroom


There is absolutely no difficulty in making a small bathroom look elegant and chic. Choose softer and lighter tones for both tiles and furniture to create dimension. Maximized shelf storage will help to maintain functionality and prevent cluttering. Golden handles and pulls, combined with some glass decor, will add to the luxurious vibe. If you are designing a large bathroom with this style, you can also create a sitting area by adding an appropriate chair or a sofa to your glam bathroom.

Glam bathroom designed and rendered in Live Home 3D.
Designed in Live Home 3D.

More Bathroom Solutions

The variety of bathroom designs is endless, and it’s so easy to completely get lost in this sea of ideas. Nevertheless, you can hop on one of these three boats down here to safely and successfully reach the shore of your creative choice.

Creating a Mood With a Vivid Wall Tile

Tiles and bathrooms truly belong together. Wall tiles in rich colors, like navy blue, green, burgundy, etc., will help you create an interesting design in combination with other materials, for instance, marble. Some of the most popular tile patterns include: subway tile, hexagon, diamond, vertical stack, windmill, basket weave and herringbone.

Bathroom with green tile designed and rendered in Live Home 3D.
Designed in Live Home 3D.

Zen Terrace Bathroom

A terrace bathroom is another solution for those who want to admire the magnificence of the outdoors. Sliding doors can serve as a great bathroom ventilation. To achieve ultimate relaxation, we suggest choosing a Zen bathroom style—natural materials and clean lines combined with the botanical touch in decor will provide you with a feeling of tranquility and peace.

A white terrace bathroom


If you are not a fan of rich colors, but rather gravitate toward a more neutral, gray or monochromatic palette—the industrial bathroom design is just for you. Its typical use of raw materials, like exposed brick or wood, can be combined with other design styles, like modern and contemporary, to achieve a specific stylized look that has gained popularity in recent years.

A typical industrial bathroom is spacious with a high ceiling and a large window, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot recreate this design in a small space. Just keep it trendy by resorting to materials like cement or brick tiles, exposed pipes and neutral (preferably gray or black & white) color schemes.

A gray industrial bathroom

Time to Start Creating

The bathroom design creation process is just as authentic as the process of designing any other room in the house, so don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and add your personality to the project. Dive into the sea of creativity right now with Live Home 3D!

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Revised: January 2023