How to Design a House

There could not be anything better than to live in a perfectly designed home. However, in order to do that, one will have to come up with a basic vision of how to create such a home. Architectural publications, online magazines and the use of apps might help and provide a basic idea, but the global task that stands before you is much more difficult and challenging. So, what options do you have?

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Turn to a Design Agency

Design agencies can do a lot of things for their clients, the most important being dispensing professional advice along with several options of how this can be done. A professional design specialist will ask you about your personal preferences regarding your home, will help you visualize the interior and provide you with possible variations.

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Buy a Ready House Design Plan

If you are building a house, you can buy a ready house floor plan, and the agencies and studios have some ready projects for you. There are dedicated websites that sell ready house projects, such as Architectural Designs, or There you will receive construction documents describing all the details. The drawback here is that finding a design that fits you perfectly may be challenging since such a house design cannot be easily modified.

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Design a House Yourself

Everyone can create a home design on their own by simply knowing where to find home design ideas. Many people will agree that online resources provide very comprehensive information on what trends exist on the home design market today and how these trends can be utilized. For example, interior design websites or magazines offer many brilliant home design concepts. Here are examples of such sites:

Use of Home Design Apps

Whether you are building a house from scratch or redesigning a ready building, cooperating with an architect or designing it yourself, computer and mobile apps will come in handy. The most obvious advantage of choosing a home design app is that you can retain the same quality as with a professional designer, but it is much less expensive. What is even more important is that you will be in charge of the entire process, as you are the one who knows the most about the functionality of your future home.

Floor plan on white paper

An app can provide any individual with flexible ways of experiencing future house variants, as you can undertake virtual walkthroughs, create videos and even view your home using AR (Augmented Reality) on your iPhone or iPad. Sure, you won’t get detailed construction specifications with the help of a home design app, but your concept and interior designs can help you share your vision with your architect, design company or contractors.

iPad and iPhone with traditional kitchen and living room designs in Live Home 3D iOS app

We recommend using Live Home 3D, a home design app for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, visionOS and Windows. It is intuitive and professional and will ease the process of designing your house. Enjoy a free app for Windows, iPhone, iPad, Vision Pro or a free trial for Mac! With Live Home 3D, you can:

  • Create floor plans for your home
  • Furnish the rooms
  • Decorate the house
  • Experiment with different home design styles
  • Visualize the future in 3D
  • Modify it as often as you wish until your ideal result is achieved.

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Revised: February 2024